SVBony SV28 25-75×70

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SVBony sent me a SV28 70mm scope after seeing my review of the 50mm SV28. The model they sent me wasn’t pre-inspected as it had some minor defects in the alignment and assembly of the sunshade and a tactile bump in the action of the focus knob when focusing at 50mm objects at 45x.

Despite these defects, the overall resolution and sharpness were good for a budget spotting scope. There was good sharpness from edge to edge. It was able to resolve lines down to Element 6 in Group -1 at 100yrds using the USAF 1951 resolution chart.

A street price of about $60 makes this a good value despite the defects. Be sure to keep your receipt and return it for one without defects.


SvBony SV28 15-45×50

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SVbony is one of the bigger brands in budget-to-midrange astronomy optics, so I wanted to see if any of that telescope expertise made it down to their least expensive spotting scope, the SV28.

The optic clarity is in the top 5 for 50mm scopes and for a $60 scope, I suppose it’s actually pretty good. But the image is noticeable chromatic aberrations at high magnification. Personally, if your budget is $60, I’d recommend saving a bit more and buying an Orion or GoSky.


  • Built in Sun Shade
  • Compact and light (as are most 50mm scopes)
  • Budget price


  • Small objective lens
  • Chromatic aberrations

Group: -1 / Element: 3