Ulanzi BG-3 Battery Grip Review

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This isn’t a selfie-stick. It’s an Ulanzi BG-3 battery grip with a 10,000 mAh battery, that can power your camera or action cam for a whole day of video. It has a USB-A square port and a fast-charge USB-C port that can also be used as a power output port.

8″ long with optional screw-on tripod feet, this can be used as a mini-tripod, as a tripod extension tube, or as a mini selfie stick.



Huusmot wireless mic fails

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I’ve been on the lookout for a wireless mic system that could offer the audio performance of my Røde Wireless Go for less. Unfortunately, this is not it. The Huusmot Wireless Lavalier Mic system comes with two UHF wireless transmitters and is half the cost of a Røde Wireless Go. Seems like a bargain but its sound quality disappoints.

While not good enough for video/podcast recording, this budget wireless system would work perfectly fine for live performances and presentations.


$20 Bipod Good or Garbage?

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CVLife Bipod M-Lok Review The CVLife BiPod with M-Lok adapter is a budget bipod that was sent to me by CVLife to review. I was frankly surprised it performed well. I was able to print the same 3″ groups at 100yrds as I usually did with a rifle rest or sandbags. The bipod attaches to most standard rifle sling swivel pins. This model comes with an adapter plate that allows the bipod to be attached to a rifle with M-Lok handguards. 


M-Lok: https://amzn.to/2QolB9z

Picatinny: https://amzn.to/3fkkyA8

Fyland Picatinny Pistol Rail Adapter

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Fyland sent this pistol accessory adapter to review. I tried it out on my 22LR converted Glock 17 and it worked perfectly to allow me to attach a holographic red dot for bullseye precession. And it less than $20, it’s a no-brainer to pick one up if you want to add an optic to a semi-auto pistol with a rail that isn’t pre-drilled for a micro-red dot.

PRODUCT LINK Amazon: https://amzn.to/33tKuDJ

Aegis200 Bodycam

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My Geko Gear (yes, that’s the company name) sent me their most popular security bodycam to review. Unlike my previous bodycam reviews, this unit is professional grade equipment. It’s rugged and waterproof (to rain and sweat); just don’t make my mistake and shoot it with a high-pressure water hose. 

I misread the IP65 rating and got moisture jetted into the unit which fogged it up. I had to wait a day while I dried it out before I could film my conclusion video. You can see some residual fogging in the nigh-time video samples. 

Overall it has excellent image resolution for a camera in the bodycam category. It won’t compete with the current crop of GoPro, Osmo or current generation smart-phones in terms of video quality but it is as good or better than bodycams and dashcams in the +$200-$400 category. My Geko Gear also makes dashcams from which, I presume, their bodycams base their technology. 

While my personal use for a pro-grade bodycam is limited (I don’t work in Security or Property Management), I will likely use this as on the gun range where it’s +13 hours of battery life is perfect for a down-range target camera. 

Bazic Correction Fluid: Better than Liquid Paper or WhiteOut

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Bazic Correction Fluid. No this is not an April Fools prank, that is the actual brand name. Despite the Dad Joke pun, this office supply has all the best features found in Name Brand corrections fluids and does so for half the price. We don’t often need correction fluid anymore because we have cheap color inkjet and laser printers. But it’s surprising how handy an unopened bottle is when you do.  



BOG Deathgrip and Great Divide

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The BOG Deathgrip Ultralight tripod adapter and the BOG Great Divide turns a photo tripod into a rifle tripod-mount for hunting or long-range shooting. The Deathgrip worked well as intended but the Great Divide wasn’t able to hold my rifle level despite tightening it down as best I could.

Deathgrip https://amzn.to/3qnVgnZ
Great Divide https://amzn.to/2PLnzA3

Range Testing the MoTac Recoil Pad

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I follow-up on my review of the Missouri Tactical Sub2000 Gen2 Recoil Pad. I take it to the range to test its ability to reduce felt recoil on the KelTec Sub2000. I recruit two random testers at the range, a Range Safety Officer, and an AK shooter.


Black: https://amzn.to/38pczis
FDE (tan brown): https://amzn.to/3qH1YqK

Wireless Presentation Clicker

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This is a handy little presentation clicker with an emphasis on tiny. About the size of a whiteboard marker, this has a next and previous slide button, a laser pointer, volume control, and is AAA battery powered. It also comes with a USB-A (that’s the big flat standard USB-A connection) and the newer USB-C connected dongle that fits inside the clicker. Attach the USB dongle to your computer and the clicker connects wireless via Bluetooth as a pseudo-keyboard. 


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