We love creating entertaining and informative videos to our audience. We showcase great products and support great companies and brands. There are two ways to partner with Moondog Industries:
1. Become a sponsor of our channel and let us create a video showcasing your product (fill out our Contact Form to discuss with us)
2. Send in products (with no strings attached) and hope we mention it in one of our videos on our channels: Moondog Industries and Moondog R&D

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Rules for Sending In Products

  • We never send back products: 1. It increases liability for us, 2. We’re too busy creating videos 3. We will probably damage products during our testing and can’t guarantee they will be in good or even working condition afterwards, and 4. We might use the product in future tests and videos; thus providing future mentions of your product and brand.
  • We will give the product a FAIR & HONEST review. Just because you send us free products does not mean we will always say positive things about it. If you are not confident your product will perform as you advertise, DO NOT send it. Moondog Industries has earned a reputation for being honest and fair. We will never bad-mouth a good product or a company for trying to fix a problem. But if a product has a defect or fault, we WILL call it out.

    If you SPONSOR a video, we will be up front with our audience about that sponsorship and any potential bias. SPONSORs are given a preview of their sponsored videos and an opportunity to “cancel” a video before it is published; but we will NEVER make any false claims on the behalf of a bad product.
  • Send us 3 samples of each product. Unless it’s a really expensive scope or gun, you must send us a minimum of three (3) identical samples of each product you want reviewed: 1. This allows us to compare and do an independent Quality Control (QC) on the product. 2. If a product has a minor cosmetic fault or blemish (this happens way more often than you know) we can film the better looking product, 3. If we break or damage a product testing, we can continue filming the the review video, and 4. We give away duplicate samples of product in free contests to our fans, further promoting your brand to our audience.
  • Unless we guarantee it, we may not devote a full video review of your product. If we accept an item for review, we will make a YouTube Short, Instagram Reel, or TikTok. Do not have an unrealistic expectation that we are going to devote an entire 10 minute video to an inexpensive rifle sling or string-light you send us.


By sending a product to Moondog Industries, you agree to the following terms: (1) You release Moondog Industries and its employees, owners, members, and representatives from defamation and/or libel claims for any good-faith statement made by the company or its representatives as it mentions or talks about your product, service or company. (2) You understand and agree that Moondog Industries will become the owner of the item(s) you send us, and it will not be returned to you.

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