Moondog D-Fog

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I figured it was about time I reviewed one of my own products. Moondog D-Fog helps defog your eyeglasses and safety eye protection. While no product completely eliminates fogging, Moondog D-Fog dramatically reduces the formation of condensation on your lenses.


Tippman Airsoft Mask

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For anybody whose eyesight requires corrective lenses and plays airsoft, the most common issue is finding EyePro that allows them to wear their eyeglasses. And even for those that are able to wear contacts, the risk of a lense popping out during a game or getting dust, sand, or debris in your eye outdoors has its own fun challenges.

It’s been extremely hard to find airsoft google or a mask that is large enough to allow the user to wear their eyeglasses. One rare exception is a new airsoft mask from Tippman Tactical. This mask features much of the same features as Tippman’s JT paintball masks, including user-replaceable, double-layered goggle lenses providing extra protection from impact and reducing fogging on cold days.

Tippman, the company that practically invented recreational paintball, has begun developing airsoft-specific gear (a bit late IMHO) under the subbrand, Tippman Tactical. With decades and decades of experience in developing competitive goggles and masks, they recently come out with an airsoft mask that utilizes metal mesh for the faceguard; eliminating the possibility of a stray BB slipping through the vent holes of their paintball masks.

The newest version of the Tippman Tactical Airsoft Mask is colored in an FDE (Flat Dark Earth) color scheme and sold exclusively by



OLight PL-Mini 2

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There’s a lot to like about this mini tac light. It’s as bright or brighter than some full-sized weapon lights but don’t stick out awkwardly post the muzzle. Speaking of full-sized lights, I found out that the magnetic charger is not compatible with the Olight PL-PRO. So don’t lose the charger or you’re going to have to order another one from Olight. That’s the one main downside with this light, I kinda wish it was USB-C instead.

Overall there’s a lot I like about this light: it’s bright, weighs next to nothing on my pistol, and is easy to manipulate and activate. It’s a lot better than my XC-1. Its closest competitor is the Klarus GL-1 which is about as small, has an adjustable length mounting system, is also 600 lumens but also has a strobe mode. I know some real-life Operators hate strobe (for valid reasons), so if you want a non-strobe compact weapon light go with Valkerie Mini. 

Product Link


  • Output: 600 LM~60 LM
  • Max Runtime: 1hr 50min  
  • Light Source: CW LED
  • Body Material: AL6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 2.07 in /52.5 mm
  • Width: 1.26 in / 32 mm
  • Height: 1.28 in / 32.5 mm
  • Weight: 2.57 oz/ 73g
  • Battery Source: Built-in LiPoly Battery
  • Waterproof: IPX6
  • Impact Resistance(m):1 meters

Are Matrix Goggles really shatter-proof?

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  • Shatter-proof, ANSI Z87.1 rated lenses in three shades: Yellow, Tinted, and Clear
  • Single pane lens with anti-fog coating
  • Foam dust seal to keep dust out and air flowing
  • Comfortable rubber eye surround provides full-seal protection
  • Wide, adjustable elastic strap
  • Meets and exceeds ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 impact requirements
  • Package includes a soft carrying case

These Matrix Tactical Systems Airsoft Goggles were sent to me by and today I’m going to shoot them with a full-auto burst from 1ft away with an AEG firing 0.25g BBs at 340fps (1.34 Joules). But before we destroy them, we’ll take a closer look. I review it’s build quality and eye-glass compatibility. 

So here’s what you get, inside the box, we find the goggles inside a carrying case/pouch. 2 replacement lenses (clear and amber tint). And a protective cloth sock/sleeve attached to the straps reminiscent of military-issued ESS goggles. The strap is easily adjustable and is detachable from the frame but with a proprietary clipping system.

The frame lacks a foam lining which can leave some gaps depending on your face shape. This is the main shortfall in the product. They should have included a small roll or strip of foam tape. I recomend using insulating weather stripping tape to both fill in gaps and improve comfort. 

The lenses have an anti-fog coating. But in my testing, they did not perform remarkably better than any other single-pain goggle I’ve used. It fogs up and quickly if you are wearing any type of cloth mouth covering. Not worse, just average. Meh.

For our BB impact the test I used .25g Matrix BioBBs fired at 340fps from an AEG. I set up a firing position with slightly less than 1ft distance between the muzzle and the goggles. On the first semi-auto shot to lense face, I thought the lens had shattered because there was some particles spraying from it. It turns out that it was just spray from left-over soapy water trapped in the frame under the lens.

I next proceeded with a full-auto burst which I was sure would crack the lens. I was frankly surprised that it survived with just a few scuff marks on the lens. I was able to wipe off the white marks but small BB shaped distortions were permanent. But the goggles were still usable and clear enough to play. 

Overall I would recommend these goggles for their durability. If they would have included foam insulating trim in the frame these would be 100%. If you’re interested in picking up a pair, they are available in a variety of camo colors at


The best $500 you can spend in airsoft: a Gunpower SMT Review

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SMT Gunpower
This $500 electronic target game and training system (Smart Monitor Target) from Korea and available exclusively in the US at Evike. This is a stand-alone electronic game/training device is an impact sensitive 24” LCD screen that can accurately record BB hits to score and time the shooter.



  • Vertical standing monitor
  • Adjustable stand, can be made as tall or as short as the shooter would prefer
  • Avoid going outside for target practice, practice within the safety of your own home
  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Various targets to choose from, with up to 6 unique targets
  • Test yourself and practice shooting with an individualized scoring system
  • BBs resistant screen and sensors ensures reusability

Recommended Airsoft Weapon Specs

  • FPS Under 400 (measured with 0.25g BBs)
  • BB weight under .30g
  • Minimum Distance 6ft
  • Semi-Only

The level of complexity to assemble the unit wasn’t quite IKEA level in terms of difficulty. But setting it up the first time was a bit of work. With practice, you can get down to about 3-5 minutes. It includes an Allen wrench but I found the screws on the stand to be waaaay tight. Other reviewers have reported similar problems out of the box. I recommend a good ratchet to get them loose. I used a rubber mallet.

The stand pieces are very heavy-duty and robust.

It boots up automatically when plugged in and turned on. The screen is protected by a special flexible, replaceable, plexiglass screen which also slows down BB’s and eliminates all but a few rare ricochets. But you should still, always wear eye-protection when using this with any airsoft weapon. 

You control it using the button master-control pad which is connected to the unit with a supplied 10m USB cable. You can also shoot at the screen and control it like a giant touch screen but lightly tapping or pressing on the screen doesn’t work. It only responds to hard, fast impacts, like BB hits. 

The unit has 11 target games or modes. I understand there are future games in development and the unit is software upgradable though I don’t have any information as to how that’s going to be implemented or when it will roll out. 9 options are game or competition based some of whom are 2-player. The unit also has 2 unscored and untimed targets for zeroing optics and general accuracy training. 


Aiming: A time based accuracy game. In a grid of 12 circle targets a random target will glow briefly and you must hit that target before the stops glowing. You’ll be presented with a total of 20 targets. Your score is based on your time plus penalty time for misses. 

Command 1: Is a long and challenging arcade style shooting drill using numbers and shapes. At the start of each stage you’re given a set of 3 numbers and shapes to shoot among 5 tarets. You have 5 shots per stage. Fail to hit all 3 of your targets or hit the wrong one and you lose a life. You have 3 lives to complete all 25 stages.  

Criminal: Law-enforcement style “bad guy” target with a limit of 10 shots on the target and scored hit zone. This mode is best used with a user created challenges such as forced a mag changes or the shooter change cover locations to fire on the SMT. 

Flip Flop: A 2-player game where you claim hex spaces on the game board with a correctly placed shot on a highlighted target. You’re given 3 shots per turn. You’re goal is to turn the entire board to your color. Miss and you could turn your hex over to your opponents color. This game is very competitive but is best played with 2-players. 

Hostage: Similar to “Criminal” target but with a “no-shoot” hostage with a total of 10 shots scored on hit zones on the ‘bad guy’. If you hit the hostage, you get points deducted. 

Shot Time: IPSC style target surrounded by smaller target ‘steels’ with various number values. You have a total of 10 shots per round and you’re scored by accuracy and split times. Like the Criminal and Hostage targets, this game improves when you user imposes shooting challenges like manditory mag relods. 

Target: Is a simple target bullseye and hunting animal silhouettes. You have 10 shots per round with no time limit, and your scored on shot placement on the central bullseye target. 

Training 1: Is one of 2 games that allows you to network together additional SMT screens and presenting the the target on different screens. You’re presented a series of IPSC paper targets, a no-shoot, and steel poppers.Your score is based on your time. 

Training 2: Also has a multi-screen option. In this game you have a series of steel reactive targets and challenge trees. Your score is based on your time to complete. 

Zeroing: Paper target design 1 for zeroing optics 

Zeroing1: Paper target similar to Zeroing but with a 5 shot limit per round. The target measures the size of your 5-shot group. This info is helpful in measuring the effects of changing weapon peramiters such as BB weight or brand used. Or changings to your hop-up or barrel. 


Before we get started, do me a favor and hit the LIKE button and if this is the first time watching Moondog Industries, please hit the SUBSCRIBE button, it encourages me to make more videos like this. And if you liked something or disliked something in the video, let me know in the COMMENTS. 

Ok, so I’ve been playing with this thing for a couple of days and I found somethings I really like and some room for improvement. Thanks again to I want to thak for sending this unit  for me to review. They wanted my unbiased feedback on how to improve it so I’m going to tell you what I told them. 

Screws in the stand are way too tight out of the box. I think the factory painted them after they put the screws in place. It was a pain to loosen them to assemble the stand. 

Also the assmebly instructions. The set screw mentioned in Step #6 really needs to be installed in Step #2 or else you’re going to have to unscrew other connector you just got finished installing to align it properly. It’s needless extra work. 

Next the BB catch tray install isn’t adequately explained and illustrated in the instructions. I eventually figured out you have pull out the arms insert them into small slots on the sides of the screen. And then attach the rubber side panels which have magnets on them. This helps catch ricochets. I was shooting form about 10ft away with a 350fps AEG with 0.25g BBs and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the plexi screen slowed down the BB’s and it seemed like over 90% of my BB’s landed in the catch tray instead the floor. 

I had fun with just 1 unit and while it would be nice to have more than one, I gotta wonder why they designed them to network with ethernet cables and a wired hub. This isn’t the 1990’s, why didn’t they build in wifi or bluetooth into them?

One thing people may balk at is the price of $500. But when you consider that’s the price of a high-end customized AEG or two average AEGS, well that’s not outrageous. If you already have a bunch of airsoft guns already, I’d consider this a better use of funds than buying yet another rifle. In fact it’s the most fun I’ve had shooting an airsoft gun, without actually skirmishing with other people. Especially for folks in parts of the country where you can’t play airsoft during the winter months. It really is a great training tool. 

And if your a family man and need another excuse, yes it even works with Nerf guns. So you could claim you’re buying it for the kids. You’re welcome.

So is it worth it? That’s ultimately up to you. I hope this video helped you decide. If you want to pick one up yourself, please use the evike link in my video description. My channel gets a little commission if you do. If you don’t that’s cool too. Just do me a favor and share this video with somebody who you think might be interested. 

Again, that’s for watching. Play safe. 

Moondog Out.

EMG Noveske Gen 4 Review

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The real steel Noveske Gen4 Shorty. A custom-built AR chambered in 5.56mm made by Oregon based Noveske Rifleworks. Featuring a 10.5 inch barrel with a 1-in-7 twist and a plethora of ambi controls, this EMG built airsoft AEG is a faithful replica. It was supplied by for this unbiased review. 



340.5 FPS with 0.25g Matrix Bio-BB’s 


3.6” group at 25fts.

The SilverEdge 2.0 gearbox and programmable fire controller. This AEG has 5 different fire modes. Selectable from a button inside the mag well. You press the button for a 5 seconds until it blinks and it changes the fire-mode:

Mode 1 – Safe / Semi / Auto

Mode 2 – Safe / Semi / 3rd Burst

Mode 3 – Safe / 2rd Burst / Auto

Mode 4 – Safe / 3rd Burst / Auto

Mode 5 – Safe / 3rd Burst / 9rd Burst

TTI 2011 John Wick 3 Airsoft Replica Review

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A review of the EMG Official Licensed Taran Tactical STI Combat Master 2011. This GBB airsoft training pistol is a replica of the TTI 2011 pistol used by Keanu in John Wick 3. Designed by Taran Butler of Taran Tactical.

Taran Tactical 2011:
Matrix .25g Bio BBs:


  • Action: Single
  • Barrel Color: Bronze
  • Barrel Length: 5.4″
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Capacity: 22
  • Front Sight: Dawson Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: STI Adjustable
  • Trigger Pull: 1.75 – 2.5 lb

This airsoft pistol is a near faithful copy of the real steel pistol. With features such as:

  • Extended length barrel
  • Combat Master-style Cut slide to lighten weight
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Skeletonized hammer and trigger
  • Polymer Frame
  • Extended mag release
  • Stippled grip
  • Flared mag well

Measuring with .25g BB’s with green gas at an ambient temperature of 58ºF we got a 5 shot average of 287 FPS.

Firing offhand at a 8″ target from 25ft yielded a tight 2.9″ group.

The magazine drops free and is compatible with TM Hi-Capa Test such as W.E.

I want to thank for supplying this pistol for a review. So what do I think? This airsoft pistol is pricy at over $200/pistol. But bear in mind this is a fully licensed airsoft replica of John Wick’s gun. Let me repeat that, it’s John Wick’s gun. and it’s a damn accurate replica.

Except for some striking inn-accuracy I found. That 99.9% of airsofters won’t care about.
• This replica weighs 9oz less than the real TTI2011. Without the magazine, the EMG replica weighs 285g
• This replica has a 3.5-4lb trigger, not the 1.75-2.5lb trigger of a real TTI2011.
• This replica has a stippled texture molded into the polymer grips, not the grip wrap found in the TTI2011.

UTG Ambidextrous Holster Review

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The UTG Universal Ambidextrous Holster is a budget nylon holster that’s surprisingly well built for a holster than retails for about $10. 

If you’re looking for a concealed carry EDC holster, this is not it. Nor is it a Combat Ready High-Speed Low-Drag holster. This is a budget utility holster. I wanted this to carry a purely secondary firearm that’s secure but accessible. It’s the better alternative to putting a pistol in your pants or jacket pocket where things could snag on your trigger.

First I noticed was the solid feel of the construction. The sides of the holster are quite firm and solid feeling like leather inside the nylon shell. Not like some more flimsy nylon and neoprene budget holsters. Its’ on par with budget holsters from Condor, Blackhawk and a bit of a step up from Firedragon or UTG/Leapers older nylon holster from about 10 years ago. 

What you want to look for is the edges of the mouth of your holster where the pistol enters the holsters. You especially don’t want soft material flopping along the edge near the trigger. You don’t want any material to accidentally snag you trigger as your holstering your weapon and causing an accidental discharge. This new holster is quite firm but over time materials can soften (even leather) so keep an eye out for that if you choose any soft-sided holster. 

Why red dots look like crap on YouTube.

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Whenever I get a red dot to review, I check YouTube to see who has previously reviewed that model and try to find details not previously covered by other PewTubers. But one thing noticed about most red dot reviews is that many don’t bother showing what the reticle looks like.

I totally understand. It’s a pain to set up a camera behind an optic to accurately capture how sharp (or distorted) a reticle appears to the naked eye. Very often, the reviewer may be using a fully automatic action camera or phone that doesn’t allow them to manually focus the image. This is why their red dot often appears bloated and blurry.