Aegis200 Bodycam

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My Geko Gear (yes, that’s the company name) sent me their most popular security bodycam to review. Unlike my previous bodycam reviews, this unit is professional grade equipment. It’s rugged and waterproof (to rain and sweat); just don’t make my mistake and shoot it with a high-pressure water hose. 

I misread the IP65 rating and got moisture jetted into the unit which fogged it up. I had to wait a day while I dried it out before I could film my conclusion video. You can see some residual fogging in the nigh-time video samples. 

Overall it has excellent image resolution for a camera in the bodycam category. It won’t compete with the current crop of GoPro, Osmo or current generation smart-phones in terms of video quality but it is as good or better than bodycams and dashcams in the +$200-$400 category. My Geko Gear also makes dashcams from which, I presume, their bodycams base their technology. 

While my personal use for a pro-grade bodycam is limited (I don’t work in Security or Property Management), I will likely use this as on the gun range where it’s +13 hours of battery life is perfect for a down-range target camera.