Sokani Tiny Wireless Mic Fail

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I bought this Sokani UHF Wireless Lavalier transmitter set after reading a number of positive reviews presenting it as a cheaper alternative to the similar Rode Wireless Go. I am experiencing intermittent and random sound glitches. I’m sharing my experiences in hopes to find out if other owners have experienced similar issues.

I contacted Amazon and they send me another unit and it too has the same sound drop-off glitch. With two identical units, I proceeded to rule out the cables and mic as the causes through a process of elimination. But in the end, I believe that BOTH units sent are defective. Asll the more reason to stay away from this brand.



• I fully charged both units before using them.

• I used the default Gain that was set on the units the first time I used them.

• The transmitter and the receiver were never more than 4m away from each-other while recording.

• I used the lav mics included in the set and also tried another brand of lav mic.

• I tested the lav mics directly connected to my camera but did not experience any drop out.

• I tried yelling directly into the mics but the sound did not cut off so the drop-out is not Peak triggered.

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