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Blavor 10k mAh Solar Bank

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If you were thinking of using one of these to recharge your devices while traveling off the grid, it takes longer than I expected. I’m going to continue testing this and post periodic videos until I find out. I own … Read More

Orion Grandview 12-36×50

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If you’re looking for a high-quality spotter for long-range shooting, don’t bother reading further. But if you want something small enough to stuff into a range bag to spot .223 holes at 100yrds, the Orion Grandview 50mm will more than … Read More

Is Aguila Dirty Ammo?
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Aguila Super Extra HV has been my go-to 22LR for the last few years after I started picking it up on sale at Big-5 Sports and finding it to be more accurate than Federal Range and Remington Golden Bullet and … Read More

Upcycling an old Rifle Scope
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I upcycled my old ‘budget’ rifle scope into a spotting scope with these inexpensive camera accessories. Reduce, reduce, recycle, pewpew! Magic Arm and Clamp Clamps Mini Tripod Telescoping Tripod Telescoping Extension Pole CVLife 6-24×50 rifle … Read More

Patriot Mag Release Review
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The “Patriot Mag Release” for the Kel-Tec Sub2000 Gen 2 is a device designed to prevent access to the mag release button when the Sub2000 is in firing configuration. It gives you access to the mag-release when you fold the … Read More

Recoil Hacks for the Kel-Tec Sub2000
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The direct-blowback design of the Sub2000 combined with its light-weight (4lbs), plastic buffer block, and hard-angled buttplate means the felt recoil is a bit sharper than other carbines. Kel-Tec, MCarbo, and Tacticool offer products to dampen recoil. But I share … Read More

LitWod $4 Taclight Review
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How good is a $4 no-name taclight I bought from AliExpress? Not good.

MidTen Bipod Review
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CVlife offered me this bipod to review. An package came but inexplicably the plain brown box inside wasn’t labeled CVlife. A small product ID label said: MidTen Tactical? Turns out that CVlife isn’t affiliated with MidTen. I wonder if … Read More

Maglulu at
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The Ruger 10/22’s magazine is a compact rotary design that requires quite a bit of thumb-force to push in the final couple of rounds of its 10 round capacity. To save time, I usually bring 5 fully-loaded magazines with me … Read More

Feyachi FL22 Tactical Light Review
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I’ve been looking for an inexpensive tactical light for my 9mm carbine. I’m not really looking for DevGru rugability, for nightly patrols involving door-kicking or crawling in culverts and ditches. This is strictly for “just-in-case” I have to investigate a … Read More

Budget Bodycam Review
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Police Brutality has been a pivotal issue and BodyCams have featured prominently in the debate and protests. But even in the municipalities that require their officers to wear BodyCams, there have been too many incidents of officers turning off their … Read More

What is the dirtiest .22LR ammo?
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If I put more than 50rnds of ammo through a firearm, as a habit, I clean my firearms after every range visit. Especially .22LR which is an especially dirty caliber due to the unburnt powder leaving gritty debris and schmutz … Read More

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