EZShot Budget Weapon Light

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The EZshoot Rail Mount LED Tactical Flashlight 750 Lumens Magnetic USB Rechargeable Weaponlight

The EZShot is a 750-lumen budget weapon light that tries to deliver the features of lights that are 2 to 5 times the price like Surefire, Streamlight, and Olight. Its over-built construction makes it appear chunky; presumably allowing it to withstand impact and physical abuse.

But perhaps they should have built it more like a sub than a tank. A lack of o-ring seals is its Achilles heel making it vulnerable to water creeping in through the lens and the head. On the plus side, if you hate strobe mode, you can only activate this through a separate button on the body that can not be activated accidentally. And after testing I can confirm that it does output more than 750 lumens.

For a budget weapon light, it functions well. But like a Gremlin, don’t get it wet.

PRODUCT LINK https://amzn.to/38BAUle