Orion Grandview 12-36×50

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If you’re looking for a high-quality spotter for long-range shooting, don’t bother reading further. But if you want something small enough to stuff into a range bag to spot .223 holes at 100yrds, the Orion Grandview 50mm will more than do the job.

Orion doesn’t make rifle scopes or red dots, so many shooters and hunters aren’t familiar with this brand. Orion is one of the top brands in astronomical telescopes. They are so well established that they own the URL: www.telescope.com

Orion was founded in Santa Cruz, CA in 1975 and is still based in Northern California. While I can’t confirm if all or any of their scopes are built in the U.S., their company is employee-owned and also owns the “Meade Telescope” brand. What I can confirm is that the Grandview is the clearest/sharpest 50mm spotter that retails for under $100.

Best optical clarity in a sub $100 “budget” spotting scope
Good eye relief
Well built and well-armoured body

No built-in sunshade on the tube

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