Recoil Hacks for the Kel-Tec Sub2000

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The direct-blowback design of the Sub2000 combined with its light-weight (4lbs), plastic buffer block, and hard-angled buttplate means the felt recoil is a bit sharper than other carbines. Kel-Tec, MCarbo, and Tacticool offer products to dampen recoil. But I share two cheap and easy hacks to reduce felt recoil for under $20. Plus you can also use the grommets to upgrade your charging handle as a bonus.

Missouri Tactical Recoil Pad $17
Rubber Grommet Set $10

MidTen Bipod Review

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CVlife offered me this bipod to review. An package came but inexplicably the plain brown box inside wasn’t labeled CVlife. A small product ID label said: MidTen Tactical? Turns out that CVlife isn’t affiliated with MidTen. I wonder if CVlife resells MidTen’s products under the CVlife name? The CVlife Rep I communicated with didn’t have any information on that but apologized for the mixup.

CVlife version: [url][/url]
MidTen version: [url][/url]

I reviewed the bipod. The fit-and-finish is lacking. Rough milling marks and blemishes on the surfaces. But it felt solidly built. It was easier to deploy and stow than my similar UTG Recon Flex. There was a bit of play on the forward/rearward axis due to the teeth and pin locking system of the legs. This “wobbliness” may not be poor workmanship but a feature allowing for less stress from recoil like MagPull’s Bipod? Only time will tell.

I leaned on it with my full weight and it took it without give or creak. It should provide a stable enough platform for my 10/22 or my AR. I look forward to putting it through some use and abuse as soon as the rifle gun ranges reopen, after COVID and wildfire closures. I will update in the future with durability information.

Maglulu at

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The Ruger 10/22’s magazine is a compact rotary design that requires quite a bit of thumb-force to push in the final couple of rounds of its 10 round capacity. To save time, I usually bring 5 fully-loaded magazines with me to the range, so loading all of them at one go can get almost uncomfortable on the ol’ thumb.

Lula is an Israeli company that makes some of the best magazine speed-loading tools available. Lulu’s design is one of the best-received 10/22 speedloaders reviewed on YouTube. Unfortunately, it’s been ‘Out-of-Stock’ on many online retailers (since COVID-19 hit.

So I did something most people don’t do. I actually hit Page 3 on Google search! I found it on Nimrod’s Wares, a company I hadn’t heard of and who had very few reviews on the web. Not only did they offer it for a lower price than CheaperThanDirt* and they offered Free Shipping on all orders! I did some digging on found them selling products on Ebay where they had an excellent rating, so I figured $29 wasn’t a huge risk and I ordered it.

3 days later it shows up via USPS and here we are. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again.

*Not that you’d want to buy from backstabbers like Cheaper Than Dirt.

Feyachi FL22 Tactical Light Review

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I’ve been looking for an inexpensive tactical light for my 9mm carbine. I’m not really looking for DevGru rugability, for nightly patrols involving door-kicking or crawling in culverts and ditches. This is strictly for “just-in-case” I have to investigate a noise in the house or at the front gate. Bright enough to ID the situation while not blinding me with reflective light or backwash.

I purchased this on and tested it out in this video.

Budget Bodycam Review

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Police Brutality has been a pivotal issue and BodyCams have featured prominently in the debate and protests. But even in the municipalities that require their officers to wear BodyCams, there have been too many incidents of officers turning off their BodyCams or for them to mysteriously experience technical issues in recording.

In addition, Antifa/BLM incidents where individuals act unlawfully or in groups against other individuals. Where narratives of the situation are driven by ideology and mobs. Having a video eye-witness can help establish the truth and not just “my truth”.

For these reasons, having a personal recording device that is also discrete, can be indispensable.

What is the dirtiest .22LR ammo?

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If I put more than 50rnds of ammo through a firearm, as a habit, I clean my firearms after every range visit. Especially .22LR which is an especially dirty caliber due to the unburnt powder leaving gritty debris and schmutz in any firearm.

But after buying a Remington Bucket O Bullets and seeing a bit more gunk coming out of the cleaning patch, I got to wondering, which ammo brand leaves the most residue in the barrel? I couldn’t find any videos on YouTube with any definitive comparisons, so I set forth to create my own.

I tested the following popular .22LR brands
CCI Mini-Mag
Remington Thunderbolt
Remington Golden Bullet
Federal “Range” Pack
Winchester Super-X

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I’ve always wanted a nice semi-auto shotgun and following the adage “Buy once, cry once”, I saved up my money and bought a Benelli M2.

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