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Rumble is a Canadian based alternatives to YouTube without it’s California-Leftist bias. As a creator of firearms enthusiast content, I’ve repeatedly had content ad-restricted (essentially demonetized) because some clueless staffer at YouTube misidentified some normal accessory classified as an illegal modification. I’ve had a rifle match video be tagged as unsafe activity and a flashlight tagged as weapon.

I’m not alone. Many well known Conservative and Liberal YouTubers channels have been soft-banned and been demonetized. This is why many of us have moved or mirrored our content elsewhere to other platforms like Rumble.

But moving content to Rumble required manually uploading each video one at a time. Then, copy/pasting descriptions and information. It was tedious.

Thankfully, Rumble recently (and quietly) released an automated sync feature. After logging into your YouTube account within Rumble’s sync interface, it automatically copies all of your vidoes in your YouTube channel to your Rumble channel.

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