Leupold Mark5HD 7-35×56

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I got an opportunity to test out a scope that costs more than any of my rifles. This Mark5HD is one of Leupold’s top of the line rifle scopes with a MSRP of $2499. This high-performance, first-focal-plane scope has HD glass and is optimized for extreme long distance shooters.

It features a Horus-style reticle with a tall grid of of mRad sub-tension marks taking the place of the lower center cross-hair. In addition the scope has 30 mils (100 MOA) of vertical adjustment, twice the range of its windage adjustment range 15 mils (50 MOA).

The elevation turret is wide and exposed but is locked. A wide turret release button is ergonomically place so that you cna press it down as you turn the turret to make adjustments. It has a unique mechanical zero stop that stops every full rotation. The turret cap is held in place with 2 set screws which must be loosened by allen wrench to re-zero. The windage turret is covered with a screw on cap.

The glass quality is exceptional as to be expected from a >$1000 scope from Leupold. Using the USAF-51 test, I could make out details to Group 0, Element 1. This is sharper than many spotting scopes I’ve tested. The eye box is good and the eye-relief is even better. It’s max power eye-relief is actually a bit longer than it’s low-power; 3.8″ eye-relief at max power (35x), that’s longer than most cheaper scopes at low-power.

Despite all of its amazing performance, if I had the opportunity to buy this scope I probably wouldn’t. None of the ranges I frequent are longer than 200yrds and this scope comes to its own at 600yrds or more. It’s complex CCH reticle is actually a bit too cluttered at 100yrds when zoomed up to 35x; so much so that I found it difficult to spot my holes on paper. I appreciate the power and performance of this scope, it’s just a better fit for another shooter.

Buy this scope on Amazon : https://amzn.to/3qyD0vI

Group: 0
Element: 1

Build: 5
Glass: +5
Reticle: 4
Holds Zero: +5
Box Test: +5
Turrets: +5
Eye Box: 4
Value: +3*

*It’s over $2000, it’s not a bargain but you get what you pay for

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