UTG 2-7×32 Scout Scope

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The KelTec Sub2000 is an unusual rifle in many respects. It is a pistol caliber carbine that is designed to split and fold in half for easy and compact transport as a ‘backpacking rifle’. But because of this design, the built-in Picatinny rail for optics is located on the top of the handguard and not the top of the receiver.

That’s fine for red dots but the far forward position means that the only magnified scope you can use on a Sub2000 is a long-eye relief scout scope or pistol scope. Only a handful of companies seem to make scout scopes with variable magnification over 4x: Burris, Hi-Lux, Vortex and a few dubious no-name models “made for Mosin”.

I thought I’d try out a pistol scope instead, which have slightly longer eye-relief than scouting scopes. I chose the UTG/Leper 2-7×32 because it was the only scope in it’s price tier with something other than a duplex reticle (a BDC reticle has it’s issues but can be worked with if you learn its dope).

The turrets are old-school and small. They are meant for hunters and not competition shooters, featuring capped turrets without a zero stop. I’ve owned this scope for about 5 years and it’s held its zero after hundreds of rounds of 9mm.

Mounting on the Sub2000 was not without challenges. The Sub2000 has unusually tall front sights for which even high scope rings were not sufficiently tall enough to clear. I had to add a Quick-Detatch 1″ riser (the Sub2000 is designed to fold when stowed so I needed a quick and easy way to remove the scope). I had an oddball riser in my spare parts bin but if I had to get one today, I’d probably go with a wing nut style QD riser.

The 2-7 variable optic scope was a welcome aid for my old eyes on 100yrd targest. While the optics are not in the same class as a Vortex or Burris, this scope is quite effective and usable. I could easily see and aim at 3″ targets from 100yrds.

If you’re interested in buying a UTG 2-7×32 scope they’re available on Amazon through this link: https://amzn.to/3PvDLiM

For a Quick Detach riser, I recommend the Ohunt 1.1″: https://amzn.to/3ACTRCt

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