TTI 2011 John Wick 3 Airsoft Replica Review

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A review of the EMG Official Licensed Taran Tactical STI Combat Master 2011. This GBB airsoft training pistol is a replica of the TTI 2011 pistol used by Keanu in John Wick 3. Designed by Taran Butler of Taran Tactical.

Taran Tactical 2011:
Matrix .25g Bio BBs:


  • Action: Single
  • Barrel Color: Bronze
  • Barrel Length: 5.4″
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Capacity: 22
  • Front Sight: Dawson Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: STI Adjustable
  • Trigger Pull: 1.75 – 2.5 lb

This airsoft pistol is a near faithful copy of the real steel pistol. With features such as:

  • Extended length barrel
  • Combat Master-style Cut slide to lighten weight
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Skeletonized hammer and trigger
  • Polymer Frame
  • Extended mag release
  • Stippled grip
  • Flared mag well

Measuring with .25g BB’s with green gas at an ambient temperature of 58ºF we got a 5 shot average of 287 FPS.

Firing offhand at a 8″ target from 25ft yielded a tight 2.9″ group.

The magazine drops free and is compatible with TM Hi-Capa Test such as W.E.

I want to thank for supplying this pistol for a review. So what do I think? This airsoft pistol is pricy at over $200/pistol. But bear in mind this is a fully licensed airsoft replica of John Wick’s gun. Let me repeat that, it’s John Wick’s gun. and it’s a damn accurate replica.

Except for some striking inn-accuracy I found. That 99.9% of airsofters won’t care about.
• This replica weighs 9oz less than the real TTI2011. Without the magazine, the EMG replica weighs 285g
• This replica has a 3.5-4lb trigger, not the 1.75-2.5lb trigger of a real TTI2011.
• This replica has a stippled texture molded into the polymer grips, not the grip wrap found in the TTI2011.