Adding iron sights to a Ruger Precision Rimfire

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The .22LR Ruger Precision Rimfire (RPR) rifle was game changing when it was introduced. It was rimfire rifle that incorporated many custom precision features in a factory stock package, including a free-float, AR-style, M-Lok handguard, user adjustable trigger, user adjustable riser stock, and a 30-MOA Picatinny optics rail on the receiver.
What it does lack is a straightforward means to add traditional iron sights.

Iron/Open sights were probably nowhere in the minds of the RPR designers. Outside of Olympic rimfire rifles, modern precision rifles lack iron sights or any mounting points for them. But I wanted to teach my kids traditional shooting skills. I had to find a way to add iron sights to a rifle that was designed for magnified rifle scopes.

The pre-installed 30-MOA rail is much appreciated by Extreme Long Range rimfire shooters because this angled rail adds additional elevation to any rifle scope mounted on it. Unfortunately, this is problematic to adding an AR-style set of iron sights as the additional 30-MOA in elevation makes the rear sight too tall for 22LR shooting at ranges less than 100yrds. Most people shoot their .22LR rifles at 25-50yrds and certainly when using iron sights.

Fortunately the RPR’s M-Lok handguard provides ample slots to add Picatinny rail pieces and on these, I could mount generic AR-style flip up BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights). Mounting rear sights on the hardguard. well forward of the receiver may seem strange to many AR shooters accustomed to a position directly above the AR charging handles, but this position was actually the norm for most 20th century battle rifles like the Springfield, K98 Mauser, Mosin Nagant, and if you look closely the AK.

The far forward placement of the rear sight does make the aperture of the peep sight smaller. For my 50 year old eyes, I could not really use the small-aperture peep but the larger CQB-aperture worked just fine. The rear sight was easy to adjust for windage but the front sight post was a bit more work.

The front sight is an AR A4-style which requires a tool to depress a locking detent while rotating the sight post to lower or raise it. My sight tool didn’t quite fit the post properly but after some fiddling I used an Allen key to push down the detent while I turned the post with my fingers. I managed to lower the front sight post as well as I could to achieve a decent zero at 25yrds.

This unconventional handguard placement had the additional benefit of actually making them BUIS for this rifle. With a riser rail (or a high scope ring mount), my Arken SH4 with a 50mm bell was able to completely clear the stowed rear sight. For those who compete in rimfire competitions, this setup will also allow you to compete in open sight matches/stages with minimal reconfiguration; just pop off your scope and flip up your BUIS and you’re ready to go.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can buy Gucci accessories by big name brands. Or if you’re not in an NRL22 competition or mercenary combat scenario, you may be perfectly fine with generic low-cost accessories. Remember, this is a .22LR rifle with minimal recoil, so with I went cheap.

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Nelahol Flip-up Iron Sights

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I received these back-up iron sights (BUIS) to test and review, which was quite timely because I was looking to add iron sights to my Ruger Precision Rimfire which I’ll cover in another article. These are pretty generic AR-style flip-up iron sights. You’ve seen these BUIS designs sold under a variety of US brands including Troy Industries, Midwest Industries, etc. I believe the design originated from Heckler & Koch, though I can’t be certain of this?

This design has been copied by Chinese EOMs and sold under countless brands like Feyachi, CVLife, Marmot, and many more brands you’ve never heard of, like Nelahol. Despite not knowing anything about this brand, I went under the assumption that they’re all made by the same handful of factories using the same copies of CNC milling specs. The only difference is the quality of the screws and aluminum stamped components. Plus, they were fairly inexpensive and covered the Amazon no-fault return so I figured I had nothing to lose trying it out.

The BUIS came in a thin black plastic case. Inside were the the front and rear sights and an allen wrench. No instructions and no branding.

On close inspection, they seemed well machined. No blems on the finish, pits or unfinished edges of the parts. The spring loaded flip-up sights deployed without issue. The front was an A1 AR-style post and the rear was a 2-position CQB and small aperture peep sight. The rear windage peep sights are finger adjustable with tactile positive indexed clicks.

Like most HK-style BUIS, the sights and spring loaded and lock in the elevated position, when flipped up. A small side pun near the hinge is pressed to unlock the sight. The sights may be pushed down flat against the hand guard/receiver providing a very low profile when not in use (hence the their use as ‘back-up’ sights to red dots and other optics).

The bases mount to Picatinny rails with enough clearance to rock them onto a slot. They required a bit of extra finger torque to clamp down solidly on my rail. I suspect the screws could use a bit of lock-tite to keep them from loosening.

I zero’d and tested them at 25yrds and found the sights were repeatable and didn’t lose zero in a limited sample of 50rnds. My only issue was that the front sight pin’s screw lacked sufficient clearance around it to use my AR sight tool to seat them below the base of the screw well. The need for that depression was specific to my Ruger RPR and may not effect most AR users.

I was fortunate that this brand put out very workable BUIS that do the job for an affordable price. Are they as durable or rugged as German-made HK sights or similar US made sights; probably not. But for your average home owner who wants a BUIS for their home-defense gun that will probably only see range use, this should work.

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