Feyachi S27 Fiber Optic Flip Up Sights

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Feyachi sent me a set of their new S27 flip-up backup iron sights. These appear identical to generic A2 style flip-up iron sights I reviewed a year ago, save for one key feature: embedded fiber optics. Drilled into the rear CQB aperture peep sights and the front sight post are small colored fiber optic rods that provide high visibility reference points.

The sights come shipped in a black plastic case containing the front and rear sights and an allen key. The box is generic save for a decal with the Feyachi logo; which I may rag on but it is an obvious knock-off of the Ferrari logo. This always struck me as a bad branding move unless Feyachi’s goal is be considered THE knock-off brand.

The sights are all metal (“aircraft aluminum” which is more marketing buzz words). Feyachi offers them in a black, grey, and tan paint coating. The paint job is flat and textured and attempts to cover up for the meh quality milling work (or finishing of cast parts). On close inspection the sights are definitely “budget” in construction.

Despite the budget build quality, the design is robust and provides a stable and repeatable sighting device once mounted on a rifle with Picatinny rails. The sights are spring loaded and pop up quickly, locking into place. A locking pin on the left side hinge can be depressed releasing the sights, which can be folded down along your rail.

The fiber optic sights are very useful when attempting to aim your sights onto a dark silhouette or black bullseye target. On normal iron sights, your front sight post can easily disappear against a dark target but the S27’s red fiber optic dot provides a visible contrast point. The Close-range/low-light peep sights have 2 additional green dots for visual reference for alignment similar to rear dot sights on a pistol.

At the range, I was able to achieve MOA performance with non-match ammo at 50yrds. Sight adjustments were similar to any Mil-spec A2 sights. I was able to adjust the front sight post using my AR sight adjustment tool and the rear sights are finger adjustable with an indexing finger knob.

In my past experience with similar budget flip-up sights sold for airsoft, these sights have proven rugged enough but the metal is somewhat brittle in the cold. I don’t abuse my range rifles as much as my airsoft toys so only time will tell but I expect these budget Feyachi sights hold up to typical range use.

All in all, these S27 sights cost about the same price as traditional generic flip-up iron sights without fiber optics so it’s a no brainer to get these.

Available on my Amazon store: https://amzn.to/3rjZuTG

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