Shot Show 2022: Zeiss LRP S5 5-25×56

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Zeiss is a legendary optics manufacturer in industry, photography, science, and in hunting; creating world-class rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes. If you own a high-end or +$1,000 scope that boasts “German made glass”, chances are that glass was manufactured by Zeiss.

Zeiss’s rifle scope offerings have been largely catering to heeled hunters. Their rifle scope models start at just under $900 and go up into $4000 depending on your region. They have been slow adopt features from the tactical and LRP world. Most of their scope models remain SFP.

At this year’s Shot Show, they showcased their new “LRP” S5 models which address the growing long-distance shooting market. These scopes feature beefed up locking turrets, a FFP reticle, and a 140 MOA / 40 MilRads of internal elevation adjustment, and of course Zeiss’ famous Shot Glass with 90% light transfer.

While Zeiss claims “best-in-class” elevation adjustments I know that Riton and Vortex have scopes with more than 40MILs of elevation adjustment. Maybe they consider their “class” to be scopes with MSRPs over $3K?

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