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Eley Target vs Fed Range

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Brit vs MericaI compare Eley Target groups versus Federal Range Pack “blue box” 22LR in my nothing-fancy stock Ruger 10/22 takedown at 50yrds. Ammo variety is pretty slim at all of my local stores. This ammo was donated by my … Read More

Match vs. Plinking at 100yrds

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Eley Edge 22LR vs Aguila Super Extra HV at 100yrds. We know that expensive match-grade ammo shoots better than cheap bulk pack ammo at 50yrds. But does that difference still apply at 100yrds? I compare the performance of both ammo … Read More

Costa Contract 2014
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An indoor version of our popular Tantalum Contract LARP game, held at Gamepod California.

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