MoTac Sub2K Recoil Buffer

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Missouri Tactical Recoil Buffer upgrade for the KelTec Sub2000. This inexpensive upgrade reduces the sharp impact of felt-recoil, shooters often experience especially when bench rest shooting the Sub2K. A direct competitor to the MCARBO Recoil Buffer, this MoTac buffer features a more elastic polymer, which more effectively absorbs impact. PRODUCT LINK

December 2020 MoTac Giveaway

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I’ll be giving away two prize packages from Missouri Tactical. I ended up with two extra sets of rail covers after completing my review video of MoTac’s rail covers and I wanted to give them away to my viewers as a thank you for watching my YouTube reviews.

There are 8 options for you to enter for a chance to win:

• A signed Missouri Tactical ARecoil Pad modified by me for my Sub2K Recoil Hacks video
• Missouri Tactical Picatinny Rail covers

• A signed Missouri Tactical Sub2000 Recoil Pad
• Missouri Tactical M-Lok Rail covers

Missouri Tactical Grip and Rail Cover Review

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A review of Missouri Tacticals grip covers, picatinny rail covers, and M-lok rail covers for the Kel-Tec Sub2000. Thanks to Missouri Tactical for supplying these samples for this review and the discount code for my viewers. 

The grip cover is similar to the Hogue grips on a pistol. It takes a fair bit of strength to muscle the cover over a grip but with my Tyvek hack, it makes it a bit easier. The grip feature a palm-swell to tightly fit in your hand. The Picatinny rail and M-Lok covers help provide a firm grip on your rifle along with protection for your handguard.


5% Discount Code: 05moondog

Picatinny Rail Cover:

Picatinny Rail Cover (FDE):

M-Lok Cover:

Grip Cover:

Grip Cover FDE:

Sub2K Recoil Pad (black):

Sub2K Recoil Pad (FDE tan):

Missouri Tactical Sub2000 Recoil Pad Review

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A review of the Missouri Tactical Sub2000 Gen2 Recoil Pad. It really helps to reduce felt recoil on the KelTec Sub2000. It slips easily onto a stock Gen2 buttstock and attaches firmly. Missouri Tactical sent me a sample unit after watching my Sub2K recoil hacks video.

FDE (tan brown):