Lyman Digital Trigger Gauge

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If you ever plan to install a drop-in trigger or adjust a trigger spring, it would be a good idea to test the results of your work. Did it actually improve your trigger pull as advertised. And in the case of swapping springs or similar modification work, did your work end up with the results you want. This is why you need a trigger gauge.

A few years ago Lyman introduced their electronic digital trigger gauge with a street price of around $50. A bit more than mechanical gauges but a lot cheaper than other electronic trigger pull gauges. I borrowed one from my friend to test and review.

It runs on two AA batteries and has an auto-off function when left unused for a couple of minutes, further extending battery life. It features a a built-in, extending trigger arm, which stows away inside the unit when not in use. It’s easy to use and has a clearly readable display.

But is it the most accurate? I weighed a full Coke can with a calibrated precision scale and it weighed a consistent 13.14oz. I used the Lyman to pick up the can I got an average reading of 13.5oz. So not as accurate as a dedicated scale but for my purposes this seems an acceptable margin of error.

Next, I tested my 22LR Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle. It has a factory stock trigger which can be adjusted up to 5lbs or down to 2lbs. I had adjusted it down to as low as it would reliably set.

The Lyman gave me an average reading of of 2lbs 1.4oz. Oddly, I did note that the numbers would shift slightly higher if I pulled on the trigger exceptionally slowly. Could the Ruger’s trigger have a variable weight depending on pull velocity? This bears further study at a later date.

All in all, the Lyman is a super easy and convenient piece of equipment. Is it worth $50? Yes, I think it is but it depends on how often you think you will need to adjust or change your triggers on your firearms. Though the claim of being the “World’s most accurate trigger gauge” remains unproven.

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