Battle Cruiser Rifle Case

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The EMG Battle Cruiser 40″ Hard Rifle Case has all the feature you want in many rifle case plus one more. It’s got ample room in its 40.5″ long interior to accommodate two or more guns and their accessories. It has a hard polymer shell with four metal locking buckles and two lock holes to attach your own padlock. The rifle case is TSA compliant so it can be used to travel with firearms or airsoft replicas (just be sure to check with the airport and airline for their specific rules).

It has 5.5″ of foam including two pick-n-pluck foam panels that allow you to easily customize the lower half of the shell to custom fit your guns, mags, or accessories. Similar to perforated stamps, pick-n-pluck foam is pre laser cut into cube columns so you can easily tear out the sections you need to customize the foam to exactly fit your gear.

The customizable pick-n-pluck panels allow this case to be used as a gig travel case for musicians. You could easily fit in multiple MIDI pads or DJ mixer or an electric guitar and effects pedals in this case. I was able to fit a 61-key electronic keyboard, sustain pedal, and AC adapter in the case with half of the padding removed.

While you can buy many 40″ hard-shell rifle cases, this one stands out because you can literally make it stand out. The front shell exterior has four 2″ wide velcro strips. This allows you to attach those hook-and-loop moral patches you pick up at at Ops, events, and CONs. And of course plenty of space on the outside to put on brand and band stickers.

This case is available from through my affiliate link:

Winner Chat: July 17 Contest

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I sat down (virtually) with Greg of Ames, Iowa who was one of four winners in my July 17 Moondog R&D Summer Contest. I gave away four $25 gift cards to and an H&K promo baseball cap from Shot Show. Greg was the first winner to get back to me for a Zoom interview.

Greg is a semi-retired commercial real estate agent and FFL. He plans to use the card to buy some more pew pew gear. He stumbled on my YouTube channel Moondog Industries while searching for info on Hawke scopes.

Tippman Airsoft Mask

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For anybody whose eyesight requires corrective lenses and plays airsoft, the most common issue is finding EyePro that allows them to wear their eyeglasses. And even for those that are able to wear contacts, the risk of a lense popping out during a game or getting dust, sand, or debris in your eye outdoors has its own fun challenges.

It’s been extremely hard to find airsoft google or a mask that is large enough to allow the user to wear their eyeglasses. One rare exception is a new airsoft mask from Tippman Tactical. This mask features much of the same features as Tippman’s JT paintball masks, including user-replaceable, double-layered goggle lenses providing extra protection from impact and reducing fogging on cold days.

Tippman, the company that practically invented recreational paintball, has begun developing airsoft-specific gear (a bit late IMHO) under the subbrand, Tippman Tactical. With decades and decades of experience in developing competitive goggles and masks, they recently come out with an airsoft mask that utilizes metal mesh for the faceguard; eliminating the possibility of a stray BB slipping through the vent holes of their paintball masks.

The newest version of the Tippman Tactical Airsoft Mask is colored in an FDE (Flat Dark Earth) color scheme and sold exclusively by