JYX Bluetooth Speaker Review

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I picked up this portable bluetooth speaker and wireless mic set in an Amazon Prime Day deal. It’s clean Scandinavianesque design adds visual appeal to what is essentially a PA speaker, without the tackiness of most bluetooth party speakers.

The wireless mic it ships with paired automatically with the unit. It offers the option of pairing an additional JYX wireless mic allowing you to sing duets while playing music through the Bluetooth connection to your phone or similar device. Separate volume knobs control the mic volume and music volume separately which is a plus.

In many ways, this would be the perfect portable speaker save one; bass. Despite what appeared to be a woofer port in the back of the unit, it has mediocre bass response. I connected to my Roland drum kit to try it as a practice amp. The kick drum sounded like a knock instead of a thump. My tiny 24W Tribit speaker is louder and more thumping but lacks the sync to a microphone. https://amzn.to/3qQStED