Blavor Solar Charger Outdoor Test

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A few months ago I tested a Blavor 10,000mAh solar charging power bank and discovered that it took over 130 days to full recharge using sunlight alone. Some of the feedback I got on these series of testing video was that the reason it took so long was because the solar panel was indoors behind a window.

While I am aware that clear window glass does filter out some sunlight (especially UV). But glass does not reduce the power output of a solar panel by as much as some claim. Many outdoor solar panel arrays are covered in glass to protect them from inclement weather.

But to prove my point, I conducted a revised test using the same Blavor solar charger I tested previously. I placed outdoors on my windowsill facing almost directly upward. Exposed to direct sunlight (and the weather) for 7 days to see if I could detect any improvement in charging speed.

I started the test with the battery at 1/2 full as this seemed take the longest to make progress in my earlier tests. I checked the device 7 days later and found no change in the charge indicator. So I left the device to charge an additional 3 weeks (a total of 35 days) and checked it and found, no change. I have no intention of waiting another 100 days to see if charges any faster. To my satisfaction at least I believe this proves my point that the window didn’t make much or any difference to the outcome of my earlier tests.

Blavor 10k mAh Solar Bank

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If you were thinking of using one of these to recharge your devices while traveling off the grid, it takes longer than I expected. I’m going to continue testing this and post periodic videos until I find out.

I own a suite of backup power storage at home and emergency solar and gas-powered generators, so that’s not what this is for. This is more for EDC. I occasionally need to quickly recharge my phone when I forgot to charge it overnight or have a lot of apps use for work, games, etc. These power banks are handy.

Some folks leave these solar power banks on their car dashboard to recharge (I don’t because I live in San Francisco where they’ll break into your car to steal sunglasses). I wanted to see just how long it takes to recharge one of these if left in a window?

I knew it would take more than a few days because the built-in solar panel isn’t that large. But it took even longer than I expected (I wouldn’t have been surprised if I did some more math on the square inches of the panel and the capacity of the battery, whatever).

Despite this, I’m not going to nock this power bank. It works as advertised, offers a pair of LED flashlight heads (“two is one” right?), has a good variety of charging ports, and offers wireless charging so you don’t even need to worry about a cable (provided your phone or device does wireless charging).

• +10,000mAh output fully charged
• USBA & USB-C input and output ports
• Wireless Qi charging
• 2 x LED lights (~200 lumen)
• Built in solar panel
• Water resistant
• Ruberized armored body
• Good value at $30 ( AMAZON: )

• Takes a long time to solar recharge