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HIC Micro Coffee Maker

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The Harold Import Company (HIC) filter cone is the most basic way to make drip coffee. It’s not an automated process like an electric drip coffee maker but it takes a lot less space and is easier to clean. If … Read More

Tippman Airsoft Mask

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For anybody whose eyesight requires corrective lenses and plays airsoft, the most common issue is finding EyePro that allows them to wear their eyeglasses. And even for those that are able to wear contacts, the risk of a lense popping … Read More

What is the dirtiest .22LR ammo?
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If I put more than 50rnds of ammo through a firearm, as a habit, I clean my firearms after every range visit. Especially .22LR which is an especially dirty caliber due to the unburnt powder leaving gritty debris and schmutz … Read More

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I’ve always wanted a nice semi-auto shotgun and following the adage “Buy once, cry once”, I saved up my money and bought a Benelli M2.

Costa Contract 2014
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An indoor version of our popular Tantalum Contract LARP game, held at Gamepod California.

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