V5S Swivel Right Angle EDC

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This is the first product I can’t recommend due to dangerous construction. This little flashlight sliced open my thumb while testing it. This EDC is unusual in that the head of the tube has a 45º cut which allows the head to swivel into a 90º position. Unfortunately, the edges of that 45º cut were left razor sharp by the factory.

I really wanted to like this budget EDC flashlight. It has is USB-C rechargeable with set of side LED lights for signaling and use as a table top lamp. In addition, it has a magnetic clickey tail allowing it to be wall or overhang mounted as a work light. In my testing it met the 500 lumen output it claimed and had a runtime just over 100 minutes on high mode.

The factory just didn’t take into consideration that the tube cuts need to be ground down. Perhaps they were kept sharp for aesthetic reasons but they are a safety hazard. I contacted the original Amazon seller NGOKPYD. If you’ve been injured by this product let me know. I don’t plan a class-action lawsuit, I’m just curious. This EDC is stil available elswehere online under the brand name BORUIT.

Available on Amazon through my Amazon Store link: https://amzn.to/46xkQgG

Available on AliExpress using my affiliate link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DCCjFTb

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