New PSA Soviet Arms AKs

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If Variety is the Spice of Life then Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is the howling Ghost Pepper of AKs. PSA used to be known as a retailer of budget AR components and AK kit guns build by small regional manufacturers but in the last few years, PSA has branched out into becoming its own legitimate gun brand. This year they’re debuting not just one or two new AK models, but a half dozen.

These new AK’s under their Soviet Arms brand span a range of historical AK like the Norinco Type 56 Chinese AK to to modern variants of AKMs and Kinkovs used by Russian special forces. PSA has long been known for making military and historical clone guns including Vietnam era AK’s and M-16’s and this year a new 5.56 chambered clone Stg 44!

If PSA is releasing a half-dozen different new AK variants wasn’t impressive enough, this same year they’re also releasing a similar number of new AR rifles under their Sabre brand. These AR’s will retail for under $1000 but come pre-installed with premium components like an ambi charging handle, 3.5lb trigger, and a low-profile hand guard. It’s going to be a busy year for PSA.

I end with this paradox: Is an AK clone of an AK clone still a clone?