New Monstrum Cyborg Prism

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At SHOT Show 2023, I stopped by the Monstrum booth and was introduced to Cyborg, their new line of prism optics. The Cyborgs will be released with 1x, 3x, and 5x models with ACOG style horse-shoe reticles, shake-awake activation, and digital brightness controls. Overall, they look similar to their boxier Gen2 Marksman prism line which are nearly half the weight of their previous Gen1 Marksman prisms.

Southern California based Monstrum Tactical is one of the most underrated brands in firearms. Largely lumped together with budget brands like CVLife, Feyachi, and the plethora of random clone brands. They make some of the best value scope mounts, with features like recoil lugs in their bases. But their red dots and rifle scopes looked like Nightforce and SIG optics but were heavier and with budget level glass.

In the last couple years they’ve quietly been improving the quality of their optics. Their newest designs no longer look like knock offs but are uniquely styled. Their glass has gotten better. They still need to improve their turret quality and reticle options, but they’re putting out decent scopes.

Cyborg Prism scopes are available on the Monstrum Tactical website using my Affiliate link:

Hawke Prism Sights for 2023

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UK based Hawke Optics is the worlds largest maker of airgun rifle scopes and offers a broad line of hunting scopes and field optics. They’ve applied this expertise in designing a new line of Prism sights. Utilizing a similar optical prism used in binoculars and spotting scopes, prism sights offer the simplicity, illumination, and fast target engagement of a red dot but with the fine etched reticle that can never fail due to a dead battery. For those of us with astigmatism the etched sight on a prism dot doesn’t distort or bloom like a red dot.

Prism scopes can also come fixed magnifications for longer range shooting (or old eyes). The USMC’s ACOG is a famous example of this a 4x combat prism sight. Hawke offers 3 new models in 1x, 4x, and 6x magnification respectively. The magnified prisms are ideal for action shooters or small game or fowl hunters.