Hawkway Green Laser Bore Sighter

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I was sent a Hawkway green laser bore sight tool to test and evaluate. This battery powered laser it shaped like a .223/5.56mm cartridge and fits inside the chamber of your rifle projecting a visible laser dot through your bore that you can use to aim and calibrate your scope or optic reticle. The case and cartridge appeared to be identical to the Marmot laser bore sighter I reviewed last year, except this emits a green colored laser which is much more visible in daylight.

The unit is powered by a 3x of LR41 which are wrapped together into a convenient battery pack. The kit comes with 3 sets. Battery pack fits into a chamber in the back of the unit, who’s screw on cap is shaped like the rim of a bullet cartridge. There is no off button and the unit will stay on until you remove the battery pack. While I did not test overall battery life of each pack, I used my test unit for well over 45 minutes without completely draining a battery pack but your millage may vary. It’s always a good idea to cary spares of any button battery.

Unfortunately the laser, while brighter than the Marmot red laster, wasn’t bright enough to see in bright daylight. It was bright enough to see in shade or indoors at 10-15yrds which makes it quite usable in your garage, basement, or at an indoor gun range. The unit appeared to be aligned well enough to use as a reference point with which to achieve a rough zero with your optic that you could reasonably get on paper at 100yrds and refine your zero.

The green laser’s performance is still disappointing when compared to the highly visible green laser dot projected by stem type laser bore sighters that fit onto the muzzle of your barrel. The muzzle-type use a larger CR2 battery to power their lasers and are visible at 100yrds.

Where the Hawkway and similar bullet cartridge sized laser is unequaled is in safety. Because they fit into your gun’s chamber, there is absolutely no risk of accidental discharge when it use, as the laser takes the place of any bullet. In addition, its small size makes it easy to store and transport. The entire kit fits into a mag pouch, your pocket, or tossed into a range bag. It weighs next to nothing and you can take it with you anywhere.

The Hawkway is available through my Amazon Affiliate link: https://amzn.to/3EXIWVS

How to use a Laser Boresighter

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In my previous review of the Wolfroad green laser boresighter, some of the comments I had doubted the suitability of the device because it wasn’t spot-on when installed. In this episode, I show how to use a bore sighter to sight in a scope, optic, or open sights.

Laser bore sighters, which fit into the muzzle of your barrel, are not 100% dead nuts center on your bore. There’s a certain amount of looseness in the tolerances, from the laser diode to the straightness of the stem, to threads of the screw on the caliber adapter. It’s normal that they’re just a few degree’s off.

But by using a little practical geometry we can get around this imprecision. By rotating the bore sighter while attached to your barrel, the laser dot traces a circle around the center of its axis; your barrel. You can either estimate the center of that circle or simply position the dot at the nadir of the curve, you can aim the vertical/elevation centerline with your barrel.

This will almost certainly get you on paper if nothing else. Once you get holes on paper you can make finer adjustments to zero your sights.



VIPHiker is a Scam: Wolfroad laser bore sighter.

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I got scammed by a VIPHiker’s Ji Xuan who promised to send bore sighters to 10 of my fans who won the contest giveaway I announced up this summer. After I created my reviews and selected 10 winners, I contacted Ji Xuan multiple times by email. He never replied. I was forced to notify the winners and appologize that their Wolfroad boresighters would not be coming.

This Laser Bore Sighter kit is sold under the VIPHiker and Wolfroad brand names. The model currently sold on Amazon has an activation button and an internal screw-on battery chamber. The product was provided to me by VIPHiker.

Wolfroad: https://amzn.to/3fkGpIX
Wolfroad Upgraded Model: https://amzn.to/3oQyJkG


Thanks to VIPHiker, I’ll be giving away 10 Wolfroad laser bore sighters. We will be randomly picking 10 lucky winners from among my Moondog R&D YouTube subscribers and my mailing list subscribers on this website. You could one of ten lucky winners. Entering is free and there are two ways to enter so do both and double your chances. The winners will be chosen on 8/31/21