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I love USB-C for so many reasons like the higher charging speeds, the higher data rates, and especially because you can’t insert it upside down. Can I get an Amen?! But what I don’t like is that all the newest phones with USB-C have gotten rid of their 3.5mm audio ports.

I get it, they want to save money. They figure we’re all going to BlueTooth earbuds (and I do love wireless connections to listening to audio). But for those of us who vlog or take video with an external mic are kind of screwed.

I bought a Samsung USB-C DAC (Digital Audio Converter) dongle which adds a 3.5mm audio port to your phone. Unfortunately this takes up my one and only USB-C port on the phone, which means I can’t charge while I’ve plugged in a mic. Worse, the quality of the recorded audio sounds digitized in low-fi with audio artifacts and drop-off.

I looked on Amazon for a DAC with a power port and found this Stouchi. While I didn’t like the dongle format (preferring a design that docks to the bottom of the phone), this adapter had a better rating that did claim to have a retain a full data rate.

In the video you can hear the different audio from the phone’s built-in mic, the Samsung DAC, and the Stouchi DAC. The Stouchi had the best audio quality in terms of overall sound level and quality. It also allowed me to charge the phone with an external battery power bank while recording. I’m looking forward to using this to record much better audio at next years Shot Show.

The Stouchi DAC is available through my Amazon Affiliate link:

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