Sniper ZY 4-14×44

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Texas Precision Optics sent me a Sniper ZY 4-14×44 FFP scope to test and its specs were impressive. With a street-price just under $140, you get a First Focal Plane (FFP) scope with HD glass, illumination, locking turrets, and a set of high-rise scope rings and additional accessories. Too good to be true?

Like many of TPO’s scopes, the ZY came pre-mounted out of the box. The scope rings are typical budget/generic Picatinny scope rings. No recoil lugs and rounded cross bolts. It has a 30mm tube and many shooters will likely buy higher quality rings or mounts.

The scope itself appeared will built with solid looking turrets. There was a fair amount of slop between clicks. This is not a precision long-range scope but it did hold zero at the range.

The scopes most unique features is the cogwheel shaped ends. The Sniper’s OEM was definitely going for a gear and tool aesthetic in the externals. Unfortunately the cogweel at the eye-piece had pretty sharp edges, making changing ocular focus uncomfortable. It could really use a bit of sanding/buffing the edges.

Optically, the scope has better than average sharpness and resolution for a 4-14x scope. There was noticeable blurring toward the outside edges of your field of view. The thin inner reticle can be illuminated in red or green with 5 level of intensity.

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Group: -2
Element: 6

Build: 4
Glass: 4
Reticle: 4
Holds Zero: 4
Turrets: 3
Eye Box: 3
Value: 5

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