Pewview at Arken

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Nick Johnson started his TikTok and YouTube channel “Pewview” practically on accident. He was friends with popular Guntuber “Honest Outlaw” and would sometimes shoot with him at Outlaw’s backyard range. Outlaw would film Nick him during speed shooting practice (3gun and 2gun). Oh a whim, Nick posted a few videos on his TikTok and within days they gained millions of views.

Now nick has almost a million subscribers on Pewview with less than 200 videos. How did this guy get so big so fast? Looking at his videos, its easy to see why. He’s a competent and fast marksman and presents gun reviews and shooting tips that are practical, authentic, and without ego.

He’s been a long time owner of Arken scopes and recently started a partnership with Arken. I caught up with him at the Arken booth at SHOT Show 2024 and had an opportunity to sit down for an interview with him.

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