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Eley Target vs Fed Range

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Brit vs MericaI compare Eley Target groups versus Federal Range Pack “blue box” 22LR in my nothing-fancy stock Ruger 10/22 takedown at 50yrds. Ammo variety is pretty slim at all of my local stores. This ammo was donated by my … Read More

Match vs. Plinking at 100yrds

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Eley Edge 22LR vs Aguila Super Extra HV at 100yrds. We know that expensive match-grade ammo shoots better than cheap bulk pack ammo at 50yrds. But does that difference still apply at 100yrds? I compare the performance of both ammo … Read More

Feyachi Magnetic Gun Mount
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Magnetic storage for your bang stick. This easily mounts with screws into walls or furniture even under a car’s dashboard (check with your local laws first) and holds a variety of pistols firmly in place. Mounted under your desk for … Read More

Klarus HR1: Lite Light Right?
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Weighs as much as 4 quarters and as bright as 600 lumens (they also make a 400 lumen version). • 18mm ultra-thin body • 46g featherweight headlamp (without battery pack, the unit weighs only 1.6oz) • Detachable rechargeable 2000mAh battery … Read More

Maglite, the one flashlight you need
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How to calculate the lumen output of any flashlight. If you ever wondered if those crazy high lumen claims of those cheap Chinese lights are legit, use this US-made Maglite to check it yourself. Just download a Light Meter App … Read More

The best $500 you can spend in airsoft: a Gunpower SMT Review
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SMT GunpowerThis $500 electronic target game and training system (Smart Monitor Target) from Korea and available exclusively in the US at Evike. This is a stand-alone electronic game/training device is an impact sensitive 24” LCD screen that can accurately record … Read More

EMG Noveske Gen 4 Review
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The real steel Noveske Gen4 Shorty. A custom-built AR chambered in 5.56mm made by Oregon based Noveske Rifleworks. Featuring a 10.5 inch barrel with a 1-in-7 twist and a plethora of ambi controls, this EMG built airsoft AEG is a … Read More

Klarus E2 Review: 7 Day Runtime?
with No Comments The Klarus E2 is an aluminum-bodied EDC wilderness survival flashlight is scarcely bigger than the 18650 battery that powers it. With a max output of 1600 lumens and at low power, a max runtime of 168hrs (in my testing … Read More

Gloryfire Electronic Earmuffs Review
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The Gloryfire Electronic Shooting Earmuffs are budget-oriented hearing protection that sport features found on EarPro that costs twice as much. Strikingly similar in physical appearance to Howard Light Impact Sports, their audio performance makes them more than just cheap rip-offs.  … Read More

December 2020 MoTac Giveaway
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I’ll be giving away two prize packages from Missouri Tactical. I ended up with two extra sets of rail covers after completing my review video of MoTac’s rail covers and I wanted to give them away to my viewers as … Read More

Phopik 80″ vs. Joilcan 77″ Tripod Review
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These two tripods are highly rated and competitively priced on Amazon. The Joilcan claims it can extend slightly longer and is rated to hold 6.4 more lbs. but is about $20 more expensive than the Phopik. As it turns out … Read More

Missouri Tactical Grip and Rail Cover Review
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A review of Missouri Tacticals grip covers, picatinny rail covers, and M-lok rail covers for the Kel-Tec Sub2000. Thanks to Missouri Tactical for supplying these samples for this review and the discount code for my viewers.  The grip cover is … Read More

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