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Conree Electronic Earmuffs

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Conree contacted me and sent me a their electronic earmuffs to test. Hearing protection is a must when participating any shooting sport because hearing loss is caused by exposure from loud noises above 85dB and once damaged, hearing loss can … Read More

SunwayFOTO TT2340CE Tripod

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When I was offered a travel tripod by SunwayFOTO, I wasn’t expecting more than another clone Chinesium tripod that would likely last long before some screw stripped itself. What I got was a feather light carbon fiber tripod that impressed … Read More

Mechanical vs Electronic Trigger Gauge
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When I first attempted to adjust the trigger on my CZ457, I wanted to know how light the trigger was so I could compare it after the trigger job. I went looking to buy a trigger gauge and my options … Read More

Bushnell Spacemaster 15-45×50
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When I reviewed the Celestron Landscout 12-36×50, I thought it was the smallest 50mm spotting scope available. Technically that’s still true. But about 10 years ago there was a smaller scope: the collapsing Bushnell Spacemaster. The Spacemaster has a telescoping … Read More

Leupold Deltapoint Micro
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With the growing popularity and acceptance of pistol red dots aka RMR’s (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight), it’s an unfortunate truth that the majority of pistols were not designed to mount them. This is all the more true with the Glock, … Read More

Lyman Digital Trigger Gauge
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If you ever plan to install a drop-in trigger or adjust a trigger spring, it would be a good idea to test the results of your work. Did it actually improve your trigger pull as advertised. And in the case … Read More

iSKEY USB-C Mag Adapter
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I love USB-C as a standard except for two things: One, I wish it would have come sooner, like decades sooner. Being able to insert it correct-side-up every time is such game changer. Two, for the main power cable on … Read More

UTG 2-7×32 Scout Scope
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The KelTec Sub2000 is an unusual rifle in many respects. It is a pistol caliber carbine that is designed to split and fold in half for easy and compact transport as a ‘backpacking rifle’. But because of this design, the … Read More

Norma Tac-22 Hidden Lot Number
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I was this old when I found the hidden lot number on Norma Tac-22. I reviewed Norma Tac-22 a few months ago, comparing it to Federal Champion in my CZ457. One thing that I found odd was that I could … Read More

QR Laser Weaponlight Contest
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AUG 15 PRIZE: QR-Laser Weaponlights CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS 1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Moondog R&D YouTube: Moondog R&D 2. Take a screen shot of the channel screen showing you have subscribed/followed and email it to me  3. Email me with … Read More

Matrix Limited Edition Alien Pulse Rifle
with No Comments sent me an a Matrix Alien Pulse Rifle to test an evaluate before its November 2022 release. It came in a styrofoam and plain cardboard brown box. It’s not clear if this is the standard packaging or if this … Read More

Battle Cruiser Rifle Case
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The EMG Battle Cruiser 40″ Hard Rifle Case has all the feature you want in many rifle case plus one more. It’s got ample room in its 40.5″ long interior to accommodate two or more guns and their accessories. It has … Read More

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