Monstrum Tracer 1000LM EDC

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At SHOT Show 2023 I visited the Monstrum Tactical booth where they introduced me to a green prototype of their new Tracer EDC EDC flashlight. Monstrum told that this new rechargeable flashlight and laster had a max output of 1000 lumens and included a green laser pointer. A few weeks later the Tracer was released and Monstrum sent me a sample to test and evaluate.

The Tracer is an all metal, flat rectangular box that weighs slightly less than 3oz and is 4.5″ long, 1″ wide, and a half-inch thick. The far end from the LED emitter (base) has embedded Neodymium magnets which allow the light to self-mount on metal surfaces. The unit includes a pre-installed clasping clip.

The controls are two flat rubber pads which control the flashlight and laser respectively. A small silicone rubber flap on the side of the unit protects a USB-C charging port. The Tracer is IPX6 rated and it survived a high-pressure water hose spray.

Testing the unit in my DIY Lumen Testing Rig, I recorded an approximate value of 1300 lumens at its highest output mode, higher than the 1000 lumen max number Monstrum advertises. In a battery Runtime tests, the unit lasted the 30 minutes (± 0.75 minutes) at maximum brightness; at which time the unit was uncomfortably too hot to hold.

In many ways the Tracer exceeded expectations. But where it falls short is in its lack of a brightness-output mode-memory. The Tracer always activates at max brightness (1000LM) which is potentially blinding if you turn it on while looking in a small dark space; such as under a car seat.

Furthermore, the green laser and the flashlight can not be activated at the same time; activating one turns off the other. While this is not an issue when using the Tracer as a business presentation pointer, but if you’re in a out in the woods walking a fence and want to use the laser to use the laser to identify one tree from among a forest, you’re out of luck.

One question comes to mind: is the Tracer a copy of the Arkfeld. My first impression of the Tracer was that it looked suspiciously like an OLight Arkfeld, which is also a 1000LM rechargeable light. Is this a copy of the OLight or an EOM factory custom variant? It doesn’t really matter, the Tracer feels and performs like a solid EDC light. The primary difference is that the controls of the Tracer are digital pressure pads and the USB-C charging port which I find more practical than the custom magnetic cables used by OLight.

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