Monstrum Banshee 1-10×24

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Earlier this year I was shown Monstrum’s newest LPVO scope, the Banshee. This new line would be slightly lower priced than their new Spectre. And more importantly, would feature a 1-10x model but due to manufacturing delays, Monstrum was unable to bring a 1-10x prototype to Shot Show. Months later, I was excited to receive a sample of the new Banshee 1-10×24 LPVO from Monstrum.

The Banshee shares broad physical similarities to the Spectre. Both have 30mm tubes and the same X1 reticle. Unlike the Spectre, the Banshee has capped turrets and the highest magnification of Monstrum’s LPVOs of 10x. As a minor note, on the Banshee the Monstrum logo is engraved into the eyepiece section of the scope, possibly a new standard in Monstrum’s industrial design.

At the range, I was able to quickly able to identify and engage targets at 50 yrds and 100 yrds. However, the illumination of my particular sample scope was a bit weak. Testing in the noon day sun, I could barely see a red tint at its highest level 5 setting. Green was slightly better. But to be fair, in bright daylight the X1 reticle is thick enough to line up my target without the need for illumination and in low light or CQB, the illumination levels would be adequate.

Overall I found the glass to be as good as the Spectre. I couldn’t quite compare apples to apples because of the higher 10x magnification of the Banshee. With both, I was pleasantly surprised at its sharpness and brightness for a price tier of under $250.


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