Konus Absolute 5-40×56 ED

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Konus is an Italian optics company based in Verona. I had an opportunity to visit their booth at SHOT Show earlier this year and examine their wide range of hunting and target scopes. Konus sent me their Absolute scope to test and I was surprised at its wide range of magnification going from 5x-40x. Prior to this the highest power scope I I have tested was the Leupold Mark 5 with a 7x-35x; the Konus exceeds the Leupold in both the low and high magnification, and at half the price.

The Absolute has a traditional profile, with a 30mm tube and tactical style exposed turrets. The scope tested has a half-MIL crosshair reticle that is illuminated in both red and blue light with brightness ranging from 1-5. It is powered by a CR2032 coin battery co-housed in the side parallax focus knob. The scope can focus as close as 10 yrds, which is much appreciated feature for airgun shooters and NRL22 competitors.

The elevation and windage turrets are traditionally sized turrets unlike the over-sized monster knobs that have become popular recently among ELR competitors. The Kronus turrets are push-to-lock and are zero resettable by loosening three set-screws around each turret. The scope tested was the MILRAD version and they offer an MOA as well.

The turrets turn 1/10 MILs per click and are nicely loud and audible. They provide good tactile feedback per click but aren’t the most positive turrets I’ve felt. Oddly the elevation turret provides 7.2 MILs per rotation rather than whole number? I suspect that Konus originally designed this scope for MOA and swapped out a MIL conversion turret, which is why the turret has 7.2 rather than 7.0 MILs per rotation.

I found the turrets to be accurate and repeatable. Overall sharpness was good from center to edge. At 40x the scope able to resolve twice as much detail as a typical 24x scope but with a much less forgiving eyebox (as to be expected by the reduced exit pupal at 40x). The image at 40x was clear enough to make out wrinkles on the target paper at 100 yrds.

The Konus Absolute is a 40x scope with the extra magnification not found in many scope brands. I don’t think this scope will appeal to ELR shooters who prefer first focal plane scopes with Christmas-tree reticles. But for long distance airgun competition, precision target shooters, long-range hunters, or older shooters with weaker eyes, this is a scope to consider.

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