How easy are returns on Temu?

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I recently made my first online order on Temu and mused, “I don’t know what their return policy is like?” Well now I know. Within my first order, a laser disco ball light was defective and even though it was cheap (less than $5), Temu did heavily advertise they offered “Free Returns” and I was eager to find out if this was for real.

In order to process a return I had to upload photos or a short 00:30 video demonstrating the problem. Videos longer than :30 are rejected by their website upload page. In my case, one of the three disco lights I had purchased, didn’t change color when music or sound played.

If approved, they offer a free downloadable return mailing label. You have to box up all the item(s) you wish to return from each order. You can return multiple items from your order but if you’ve already shipped a box and discover another defective item, Temu will not give you a free shipping label but will instead charge you $7.90 for it.

In my product return process, they approved my return and told me that I didn’t have to return the products. Probably because it would cost them more to ship it back than the item was worth. Overall the experience was relatively easy, similar to AliExpress but not quite as easy as Amazon.

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