Feyachi Tail Switch Laser Bore Sighter

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When Feyachi offered to send me their newest 9mm in-bore laser bore sighter I wasn’t all that interested. Until I saw it’s newest feature, an off switch. It’s such a simple yet vital feature missing in this category until now.

Prior to this new version, the only way to turn on or off an in-bore laser bore sighter was to remove the battery. The hassle of this often lead to simply leaving the unit on while adjusting sights or reticles. Thus, leading to extra drain on the already tiny and anemic battery life from the tiny hearing-aid button batteries used to power the units.

The package comes with 3 battery packs. Each pack is a stacked set of L41 button batteries held together by tape. The packs slid easily into the laser and with a press of the button the unit was on.

The addition of a simple button switch in the approximate position of a primer in a cartridge turns the laser unit on. The position can be a bit awkward to get your finger inside the ejector port. But with a practice, pen, or other probe, you can reach the button.

Feyachi currently only has the 9mm and a .223/5.56mm version of this laser. It seems like a no-brainer to extend this feature to all of their bore sighters.

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Amazon 9mm https://amzn.to/3sMf0J6

Amazon .223/5.56mm https://amzn.to/3PrYzuh

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