Feyachi MLOK QD Sling

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Rifle slings are some of the cheapest and least appreciated firearms accessory. Not only do slings help you carry your rifle when you want your hands to be free to do other things, they’re also helpful in improving your accuracy by providing a 5th contact point steadying your rifle to your body.

Feyachi sent me their newest tactical sling set to test and evaluate. This sling includes two MLOK-compatible QD swivel sling loops. The sling is made of nylon with polymer hardware with an adjustable nylon and bungie sling strap. The ends are are H&K style hooks with modified cut-outs to expand the gate opening to allow the hook to pass larger diameter loops

The QD swivel adapters attached securely into my KelTec Sub-2000’s moulded MLOK hand guard slots. I attached the rear hook on the sling the rifle buttstock’s built-in sling loop. The sling is rated for up to 100lbs; I tested this by dropping an equivalent of 50lbs attached to only one hook of the sling and it kept the lead weight attached.

The Feyachi sling kit proved to be reliable and resilient. Retailing for under $15 on Amazon, it also proved to be a affordable. The slings are available in black, OD, and tan.

Available on Amazon through this Affiliate link https://amzn.to/3NnST3h

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