Feyachi LF58 Retro TLR-2 or Rip-Off?

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Back in 2004 we were watching the Matt Damon in the first Bourne sequel, Tobey Mcguire in Spiderman 2, and looking at Streamlight’s newest pistol light with a built in laser, their TLR-2. One could easily mistake the Feyachi LF58 for a remake. While not a 100% copy of the TLR-s, the Feyachi LF58 is strikingly similar.

Feyachi sent me an LF58 to test and review. It came in a plain brown box containing the light, instruction pamphlet, pair of CR123A lithium batteries A set of batteries is included in the battery compartment of the light with protective plastic contact barriers which much first be removed to activate the light. The box also contained two Allen wrenches; one for the base mount and the smaller to adjust the laser.

The LF58 is the green laser variant, mated to a 200LM light. It mounts via an integrated Pictinny rail clamp and mates well with my Glock 17 postil. In my testing, I found the built in laser was very nearly aligned to the bore. Slight adjustments can be made with an included Allen wrench to achieve a 1:1 zero.

The controls are very much a copy of the Streamlight TLR-2 with toggle-posts in the rear battery compartment which can be manipulated with either the primary or secondary index fingers. The light as momentary and constant on settings. A dial near the bottom of the scope selects for light-light&laser-laser modes.

In my testing I found that the light output far exceeded the stated 200LM by Fayachi. My readings placed it closer to 400LM. This is only half the max output of a modern TLR-2 (~1000LM) but still plenty bright for most home defense situations.

I plan to conduct further testing to determine its long term durability and reliability. While it seems to sufficiently rugged for range use, I’m not yet convinced that it’s reliable enough for personal defense.

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