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Feyachi sent me their new right angle rechargeable flashlight, the FL-46. Right angle flashlights are not new. The design was boy scout and military standard since before WWII. Right angle flashlights can be attached to the wearer’s chest, backpack straps, or pocket to illuminate while allowing wearer both hands free.

The box that the FL-46 comes in is a little fancier than Feyachi’s normal packaging, with a pull drawer. The flashlight comes with a nylon holster, USB-C charging cable, and user manual. The charging port is located under a plastic sliding panel at the base. The FL-46 can be stood on its tail and attached to your pocket or strap with a metal double-direction clip.

The controls are basic, with a silicone clicky button at the right angle bend. Pressing turns turns it on and each tap cycles through its modes: On>High>Strobe>Off. Pressing it for over 1 sec. will also turn the flashlight off. The FL-46 lacks mode memory or momentary on.

In my testing, the “Regular” on mode output more than its stated 300 lumens by over 50%. It’s “High” mode was just above to its stated 500 lumens. Fully charged, the unit had a run time in excess of 400 minutes. It dimmed considerably after the first hour but stayed in a candlelight dim output well past the 300 minute mark when I had to cut the test due nightfall and the lack of light for the camera to read my timer.

If this light has just too many flaws for me to recommend it. It lacks mode memory and a means to lock out the strobe mode. Furthermore the plastic dust cover for the charging port leaves the light at only IPX4 water resistance; a glaring oversight for a “tactical-style” flashlight for it not to be rain-proof. This light might be better suited for workshops, repairmen, or mechanics.

Available on Amazon through my Affiliate link: https://amzn.to/3s79VKJ

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