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In the contest to make the smallest, brightest, EDC flashlight, the Fenix E03R isn’t the smallest or the brightest but this keychain sized flashlight offers a bit of both while being perhaps the most durable. This all-metal bodied flashlight looks like it feel straight out of the Star Wars universe. It is about the size of a car alarm remote fob (actually smaller than mine).

The light activates by pressing the activation button for about 1 second and immediately release upon activation. While on, tapping the button changes the brightness mode (4 levels). Pressing the button for longer than 1 second activates the red LED which has a constant and blinking submode. Tapping the button once shows you the battery charge level by the color of the illuminated ring around the button.

Tapping the button twice causes the battery illumination ring to slowly pulse; tapping in this mode switches colors from red, green, and cycling between both. The amount of light cast by the ring is very dim (less than 1 candela). It looks only bright enough to help locate the light in the dark, I’m not convinced this lighting mode has much utility in the real world?

In my lumen test, I recorded an output of 440 lumens on highest brightness which is well within the margin of error of the 500 lumens Fenix lists for the E03R. Fenix claims the light is IPX6 water resistance which I tested and confirmed. Fenix also claims the light has a runtime of 1hr and 20minutes on high; in my test it exceeded that mark by 18 minutes.

The light met all of its specifications and felt so solid in my hand, that I decided to give it a rare durability test out of curiosity. I ran it over with my SUV, twice. The flashlight survived without a dent (well more like a bunch of small scratches) but somehow the pressure activated the flashlights ‘lockout’ mode where the light doesn’t turn on when the button is pressed. The activate or deactivate lockout mode, simply keep the button pressed for 3+ seconds.

The E03R’s main drawbacks are in its controls. I don’t like having to turn on the unit in white light before it switches to red light mode which could spoil your eye’s natural nigh-vision. And the units 1/2 second press activation seems insufficient in preventing accidental activation in your pocket.

But overall I like this light a lot based on performance with those small caveats with the controls (which I have nitpicks with Fenix other lights). This is the Version 2 of this light and perhaps they can address this in a future Version 3.

This light is available directly from Fenix: https://alnk.to/3cjWX2M

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