EZshoot 1-6×24 LPVO

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I had to re-edit and re-upload this video because of goof on my part. I’ve been mispronouncing the name of the brand. It’s not EZshot, it’s EZshoot.

EZshot is a brand best known for budget firearms accessories like barrel snakes, red dots, and weapon lights and not always in a good way. It came as a bit of a surprise that they reached out to me with an 1-6x LPVO. I didn’t have high hopes as to optical qualities and build quality but I was delightfully surprised.

The scope came in completely blank black box which was not a good start. Like Feyachi and MidTen, most of EZshots product are generic and often lack any branding on the product itself. I assume they buy their products from the same factories and just market them under their brand name.

Inside, I found an LPVO that we pretty well put together. The elevation and windage turrets are capped. The turrets underneath, looked a bit cheap but had nice loud clicks. Overall the scope looked good; not $500 scope quality but more than its $109 price on Amazon.

At the range, I found the image at 6x to be decent. Not amazing but not bad. It had a fair bit of chromatic aberration, edge distortion, and lacked some resolution and brightness. But the image was sharp enough to confidently engage man sized targets from 50-100 yards.

It’s eye relief and exit pupil were average for a budget LPVO. There are better scopes but almost none it’s price tier. I had no trouble brining it up to my eye and quickly acquired my target. I found it’s reticle to be better than I expected, though its outer cross hairs should have been thinner.

Without a doubt, there are better and more durable LPVOs. But for the price, this is great optic for a range baby.


Amazon Affiliate: https://amzn.to/3DKqAq2

Manufacturer Specs

ITEM WEIGHT‎15.2 Ounces
MOUNTING TYPE‎Cantilever Mount
EYE RELIEF‎3.94 Inches
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS‎9.65″L x 2.76″W x 2″H

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