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Joe Rhea (aka. Cyclops Joe) is one YouTube’s most prolific and profane optics reviewers. I’ve been a long time fan and subscriber. He reached out to me when I first started posting pewpew videos and offered both praise on my editing skills and advice on YouTube as a business model. He profiled my work on his channel and I thought I’d return the favor by promoting the fact that he recently crossed the 100,000 subscriber benchmark.

I contacted leading brands in rifle optics and got many of them to send videos to this collaboration. There were quite a few more who wished to express their appreciation to Joe but were not able to send a video in time for me to include it. And a few who are good friends with Joe but can’t publicly admit that because their brand doesn’t want to be closely associated with a non-PC foul-mouth.

Here is the “clean” version of the video with the full length comments.

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