MPOW HP102A Bluetooth Hearing Protector Review

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• NRR 29dB 

• AUX 3.5mm audio port

• Bluetooth

• Phone compatible with built-in mic

Inside this box you’ll find the earmuffs, a micro-USB cable, and 3.5mm stereo audio jack, instruction manual, and a marketing promo card, and a warranty card, it has a 2-year manufacturers warranty. 

Now I purchased these with the hopes that they might be a replacement for my Howard Leights. I recently did a video comparing them to Walker’s Razors. I was looking for electronic ear-muffs that had blue-tooth connectivity so that I could hear any phone calls coming through at while at the range and be able to take a call without having to take off my ear pro. 

And these are bluetooth enabled ear muffs and you can sync to a phone and make and receive calls. But sadly they don’t offer the electronic ambient sound enhancement technology of Howard Leights or Razor’s. They feature what I thought might be external microphone ports but sadly they aren’t. 

I tested them using this 120 decibel vaccuum cleaner. They did indeed reduce the external sound by about 29 decibels. An NRR of 29 is better than Leights or Razors 23 decibels but far short of the NRR of 34 or 39 of some non-electronic passive protective earmuffs. But they are on par with 3M work-ears and other industrial grade hearing protection that also function as audio headphones. 

But as audio headphones they fall short. They aren’t as loud as my audio or gaming headphones. 


Twod Gun Socks green

Twod Gun Socks grey

Twod Gun Sock Review

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Maybe it’s a family heirloom, a WW1 or WW2 battle rifle or it’s that fancy over-and-under you saved up for. 

Whatever, chances are you’ve accidentally knocked it over at least once while reaching into the back of your safe for that odd box of ammo. This is why you need to store your rifles in a sock it adds enough cushion of protection that keeps it from getting scratched when two rifles knocking into each other or the side of your safe.

Containing silicone oil, these socks protect your gun from moisture as well as scratches. Available on Amazon


Twod Gun Socks green

Twod Gun Socks grey

How to clean a Bore Snake

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In my previous video, I talked about how easy it was to clean a rifle bore with a bore snake. But I wanted to clarify that I never meant to imply it was the only tool you needed to clean your firearm. Far from it. You still need to periodically do a thorough cleaning with rods, brushes, solvent, and really get in there to make sure your firearm will function reliably.

UTG Ambidextrous Holster Review

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The UTG Universal Ambidextrous Holster is a budget nylon holster that’s surprisingly well built for a holster than retails for about $10. 

If you’re looking for a concealed carry EDC holster, this is not it. Nor is it a Combat Ready High-Speed Low-Drag holster. This is a budget utility holster. I wanted this to carry a purely secondary firearm that’s secure but accessible. It’s the better alternative to putting a pistol in your pants or jacket pocket where things could snag on your trigger.

First I noticed was the solid feel of the construction. The sides of the holster are quite firm and solid feeling like leather inside the nylon shell. Not like some more flimsy nylon and neoprene budget holsters. Its’ on par with budget holsters from Condor, Blackhawk and a bit of a step up from Firedragon or UTG/Leapers older nylon holster from about 10 years ago. 

What you want to look for is the edges of the mouth of your holster where the pistol enters the holsters. You especially don’t want soft material flopping along the edge near the trigger. You don’t want any material to accidentally snag you trigger as your holstering your weapon and causing an accidental discharge. This new holster is quite firm but over time materials can soften (even leather) so keep an eye out for that if you choose any soft-sided holster. 

Marmot 2MOA Red Dot Review

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It appears to be a near-exact copy of the Bushnell TRS-25 but at half the price. It passed all of my use and abuse tests and the only negative I have for it is a bit of a nit-pick; the mounting screw is too long and pokes out. Seriously, they couldn’t afford to put in a 2mm shorter screw?!

It’s available on Amazon for about $39

Walker’s Razor vs Howard Leight Impact Sport

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I can’t stress enough how important ear-pro is. Use any legitimate hearing protection when firing your firearms. Electronic ear protection is a leap in functionality from simple ear plugs and standard earmuffs.

Bear in mind, electronic earmuffs but they can sometimes be advertised as electronic noise-canceling earmuffs. This should not be confused with Active Noise Canceling headphones used to listen to music (Bose, Sony, Beats, etc.) Those work by creating mirror sounds that cancel the offending background droning sounds like an air conditioner or jet engine. Those music headphones can NOT be used for gun sports.

Electronic Earmuffs work by passive noise reduction like non-electronic earmuffs; by simply blocking loud noises with the sound-deadening insulation. The electronics instead pipe in ambient sounds from outside the earmuffs, until a noise exceeds 82dB; they electronically shut-off the mics in an instant. Both reduce loud noises, reducing gunshot sounds (approx 155db) by about 22 decibels (dB) to approximately 133dB. Their Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is the amount of decibel noise reduction they offer.

Howard Leight Impact Sports
• Directional Stereo sound amplification 
• NRR 22dB
• 3.5mm headphone jack
• 2 x AAA batteries (~350hrs)
• 4hr Auto Shut Off 

Walker Razor Slim
• Omni-Directional sound amplification
• NRR 23dB
• Full dynamic range HD speakers for clear balanced sound with sound-activated compression reaction of 0.02 seconds
• 3.5mm headphone jack
• 2 x AAA batteries

Available on AMAZON

Walker Razor

Howard Leight

A Soviet Army marksman schools me on 22LR

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My old friend Sasha saw my video interview with our mutual friend Travis chatting about 22LR and couldn’t hold back his mock outrage at our lack of knowledge with 22LR precision shooting. As it turns out he used to shot competitive Olympic-style Bullseye back in the Soviet Union.

Yes, you read that correctly, the Soviet Union. Sasha was an NCO in the Soviet Army back in the day. In our chat we get into a bit of his history, as well as the history of 22LR in Olympic sports.

Why red dots look like crap on YouTube.

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Whenever I get a red dot to review, I check YouTube to see who has previously reviewed that model and try to find details not previously covered by other PewTubers. But one thing noticed about most red dot reviews is that many don’t bother showing what the reticle looks like.

I totally understand. It’s a pain to set up a camera behind an optic to accurately capture how sharp (or distorted) a reticle appears to the naked eye. Very often, the reviewer may be using a fully automatic action camera or phone that doesn’t allow them to manually focus the image. This is why their red dot often appears bloated and blurry.

CCI Standard vs Federal Auto Match 22LR

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In my recent accuracy performance tests of 22LR ammo, I mixed ammo makes (ie. CCI Mini-Mags vs Aguila Super Extra vs Federal Auto Match) within the same test session to average out changes in groupings due to barrel heating. But 22LR precision shooters told me my testing method was flawed because I didn’t properly “season” the bore. Seasoning is a process by which the melted wax, from lead-round-nose rounds (LRN), coats the bore and normalizes the performance of that bullet.

So this time, I’ve only tested a single ammo type, Federal Auto Match LRN, in a testing session of 7 targets. I shot 20 rounds of that ammo to season the bore before measuring the groups. I’ve cleaned the bore before changing ammo to CCI Standard LRN and measured those groups.

The results I got were “cleaner” results but those results were surprisingly close to the previous test with mixed ammo types. That leads me to some possibilities or a combination of them:
• Seasoning the barrel doesn’t make a significant difference with factory standard rifles
• Seasoning the barrel doesn’t make a significant difference at 50yrds-100yrds
• My previous mixed ammo tests were valid; one ammo’s fouling residue doesn’t significantly influence a different ammo’s performance.

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