Phopik 80″ vs. Joilcan 77″ Tripod Review

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These two tripods are highly rated and competitively priced on Amazon. The Joilcan claims it can extend slightly longer and is rated to hold 6.4 more lbs. but is about $20 more expensive than the Phopik. As it turns out both tripods are actually 77” in max height. The Joilcan comes with a 3-inch extension tube that has to screwed on to achieve the claimed 80” length. The Phopik is slightly lighter and faster to deploy and stow. Both appear to be well made and a good value in a light to medium-weight tripod for most photo and vlogging use. 

Phopik 77-inch tripod

  • $68 on Amazon
  • Max height 77”
  • Max capacity 17.6 lbs
  • Weight 3.37 lbs.

Jolican 80-inch tripod

  • $85 on Amazon
  • Max height 77.5″ (80″ with extension tube)
  • Max Capacity 24 lbs
  • Weight 3.67lbs

Missouri Tactical Grip and Rail Cover Review

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A review of Missouri Tacticals grip covers, picatinny rail covers, and M-lok rail covers for the Kel-Tec Sub2000. Thanks to Missouri Tactical for supplying these samples for this review and the discount code for my viewers. 

The grip cover is similar to the Hogue grips on a pistol. It takes a fair bit of strength to muscle the cover over a grip but with my Tyvek hack, it makes it a bit easier. The grip feature a palm-swell to tightly fit in your hand. The Picatinny rail and M-Lok covers help provide a firm grip on your rifle along with protection for your handguard.


5% Discount Code: 05moondog

Picatinny Rail Cover:

Picatinny Rail Cover (FDE):

M-Lok Cover:

Grip Cover:

Grip Cover FDE:

Sub2K Recoil Pad (black):

Sub2K Recoil Pad (FDE tan):

TTI 2011 John Wick 3 Airsoft Replica Review

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A review of the EMG Official Licensed Taran Tactical STI Combat Master 2011. This GBB airsoft training pistol is a replica of the TTI 2011 pistol used by Keanu in John Wick 3. Designed by Taran Butler of Taran Tactical.

Taran Tactical 2011:
Matrix .25g Bio BBs:


  • Action: Single
  • Barrel Color: Bronze
  • Barrel Length: 5.4″
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Capacity: 22
  • Front Sight: Dawson Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: STI Adjustable
  • Trigger Pull: 1.75 – 2.5 lb

This airsoft pistol is a near faithful copy of the real steel pistol. With features such as:

  • Extended length barrel
  • Combat Master-style Cut slide to lighten weight
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Skeletonized hammer and trigger
  • Polymer Frame
  • Extended mag release
  • Stippled grip
  • Flared mag well

Measuring with .25g BB’s with green gas at an ambient temperature of 58ºF we got a 5 shot average of 287 FPS.

Firing offhand at a 8″ target from 25ft yielded a tight 2.9″ group.

The magazine drops free and is compatible with TM Hi-Capa Test such as W.E.

I want to thank for supplying this pistol for a review. So what do I think? This airsoft pistol is pricy at over $200/pistol. But bear in mind this is a fully licensed airsoft replica of John Wick’s gun. Let me repeat that, it’s John Wick’s gun. and it’s a damn accurate replica.

Except for some striking inn-accuracy I found. That 99.9% of airsofters won’t care about.
• This replica weighs 9oz less than the real TTI2011. Without the magazine, the EMG replica weighs 285g
• This replica has a 3.5-4lb trigger, not the 1.75-2.5lb trigger of a real TTI2011.
• This replica has a stippled texture molded into the polymer grips, not the grip wrap found in the TTI2011.

Lumintop TOOL AA 2.0 Review

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For the price and features, the Lumintop TOOL AA 2.0 is the best AA EDC flashlight currently available. I put it through some performance and abuse tests to see if it lives up to that opinion.

It has 4 modes: low, medium, high, strobe, and a 650 lumens turbo mode if equiped with a 14500 LiON battery. But can use any AA cell with a max output of 400 lumens.

White/Silver: Black:
Black with Lithium Battery Package:

Patriot Mag Release Review Part 2

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I answer a viewer’s question with a video about the Patriot Mag Release device for the KelTec Sub2000 Gen2. I describee my problems with the California Compliant grip-fin installed on Sub2000’s sold in California. The badly written and inane gun laws in this state have mandated the addition of grip-fins on rifles which makes them less safe to fire and hold.

CVLife 4-Reticle Reflex Sight Review

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How well does a $30 Reflex Sight perform? Will it hold zero? CVLife makes some of the best budget shooting accessories and optics and they sent me this model to review. Like other Sureshot clones, this suffers from the benefits and shortcomings of the open Reflex design: Maximum visibility but minimum protection from the environment.

CV Life Reflex Sight
Optics Protector

Missouri Tactical Sub2000 Recoil Pad Review

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A review of the Missouri Tactical Sub2000 Gen2 Recoil Pad. It really helps to reduce felt recoil on the KelTec Sub2000. It slips easily onto a stock Gen2 buttstock and attaches firmly. Missouri Tactical sent me a sample unit after watching my Sub2K recoil hacks video. And even provided a Coupon Code: Moondog for free shipping on orders from their website.

Pre-Black Friday Deals

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Some great discounts I found for you on gadgets, tactical and survival gear on sale before Black Friday. All of which I’ve reviewed or bought myself so I’m endorsing these products and vendors.

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Missouri Tactical 20% Off + Free Ship
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MPOW HP102A Bluetooth Hearing Protector Review

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• NRR 29dB 

• AUX 3.5mm audio port

• Bluetooth

• Phone compatible with built-in mic

Inside this box you’ll find the earmuffs, a micro-USB cable, and 3.5mm stereo audio jack, instruction manual, and a marketing promo card, and a warranty card, it has a 2-year manufacturers warranty. 

Now I purchased these with the hopes that they might be a replacement for my Howard Leights. I recently did a video comparing them to Walker’s Razors. I was looking for electronic ear-muffs that had blue-tooth connectivity so that I could hear any phone calls coming through at while at the range and be able to take a call without having to take off my ear pro. 

And these are bluetooth enabled ear muffs and you can sync to a phone and make and receive calls. But sadly they don’t offer the electronic ambient sound enhancement technology of Howard Leights or Razor’s. They feature what I thought might be external microphone ports but sadly they aren’t. 

I tested them using this 120 decibel vaccuum cleaner. They did indeed reduce the external sound by about 29 decibels. An NRR of 29 is better than Leights or Razors 23 decibels but far short of the NRR of 34 or 39 of some non-electronic passive protective earmuffs. But they are on par with 3M work-ears and other industrial grade hearing protection that also function as audio headphones. 

But as audio headphones they fall short. They aren’t as loud as my audio or gaming headphones. 


Twod Gun Socks green

Twod Gun Socks grey

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