MPOW HP102A Bluetooth Hearing Protector Review

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• NRR 29dB 

• AUX 3.5mm audio port

• Bluetooth

• Phone compatible with built-in mic

Inside this box you’ll find the earmuffs, a micro-USB cable, and 3.5mm stereo audio jack, instruction manual, and a marketing promo card, and a warranty card, it has a 2-year manufacturers warranty. 

Now I purchased these with the hopes that they might be a replacement for my Howard Leights. I recently did a video comparing them to Walker’s Razors. I was looking for electronic ear-muffs that had blue-tooth connectivity so that I could hear any phone calls coming through at while at the range and be able to take a call without having to take off my ear pro. 

And these are bluetooth enabled ear muffs and you can sync to a phone and make and receive calls. But sadly they don’t offer the electronic ambient sound enhancement technology of Howard Leights or Razor’s. They feature what I thought might be external microphone ports but sadly they aren’t. 

I tested them using this 120 decibel vaccuum cleaner. They did indeed reduce the external sound by about 29 decibels. An NRR of 29 is better than Leights or Razors 23 decibels but far short of the NRR of 34 or 39 of some non-electronic passive protective earmuffs. But they are on par with 3M work-ears and other industrial grade hearing protection that also function as audio headphones. 

But as audio headphones they fall short. They aren’t as loud as my audio or gaming headphones. 


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